Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

October 9, 2018

Dear families,

Last Friday our Academy celebrated the first of our First Friday Masses with Eucharistic Adoration. It was very beautiful and the children seemed to enjoy the experience. In his homily, Msgr. Tom mentioned to the children that Jesus made twelve promises to St. Margaret Mary and as Nicky Sullivan told the congregation those promises are on the stained glass windows in our church. So, when you are in church with your children and they want to stop and read the stained glass windows, you know where that comes from. Take time to read them yourself, these promises remind us of the unwavering love that Jesus has for you and me. They provide comfort to us as we struggle to balance a faith- based life in the secular world. We will be celebrating Mass as a school community each First Friday, please consider joining us.

Our Pretzel sale is well underway, thank you to everyone who purchased a box. We do have more to sell, so if you are interested, please send in the order form to the attention of Lynn Green. Mrs. Draper is busy with the Prestige/ cheesecake sale. As previously mentioned, we pushed this up because so many of you wanted the cheesecakes for Thanksgiving- do not miss out!

If your child is absent, please call the school to let us know, but when your child returns back to school, please send them with an absent note. These absent notes are a legal document and have to be kept on file for one full year.

Congratulations to Mrs. Barckow’s 8th grade class, they were the winners for the month of September in our Box Top contest. Today her class had their own dress down day! Please remember to send in the box tops to your child’s teacher. If you send in 50 box tops, your child will get a home work pass.

In a bold move to go green, we are attempting to put every flyer, milk order form, lunch order form online and available for you to just print what you need. This will not happen overnight, but we are moving in that direction. Please check the school web page often.

Today we began our first day of Terra Nova testing. Everything seemed to go well. We will have the results of these tests for you by the first report card meeting in December.

Wednesday night at 7PM, there will be a meeting in the library for the parents/guardians of our first graders who will begin to plan our biggest fundraiser of the year. With so much to do, it is never too early to start. I look forward to seeing the first grade parents/guardians then.

As I was walking through the building last week, I stopped by the Kindergarten class and peeked in on a Religion lesson, the discussion centered around the theme of being a friend to each other, “like Jesus was a friend”. I stood and observed the responses of the children- “we could share our toys”, “we can be kind” and I thought of the story in the Bible where Jesus comes across a woman, who was being stoned because of her sin. In his compassion, Jesus says nothing and just writes on the ground. One by one the people who are set to stone the woman come over to see what he is doing. Upon seeing what he is doing, they leave. In the end it is just the woman (the sinner) and Jesus. The message from that story is he who is without sin can cast the first stone. How can we be more Christ-like? Exercise compassion. The Promises that were made to St Margaret Mary speak to the compassion of Jesus, the love that the Good Shepard has for each of us, his flock. We in turn, need to show that compassion and love for each other. Love each other, the way that Jesus loves us.

MaryAnne Cooke