Academics at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy of BaysideStudents at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy grow and learn in an atmosphere where the goal of education is the development of the students spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs. To further enhance this educational component, we infuse a culture of service within our curriculum on each grade-level.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy follows the New York State Common Core standards and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn standards for Religion. In addition to academic subjects such as social studies, mathematics, English Language Arts, handwriting (cursive writing), phonics, science with a laboratory component, and Religion. We offer Special subjects such as Art, Physical Education, Music, Technology and Foreign Language.

Art: Art is offered to every student in grades K through eighth once a week. We have a fully equipped art room where this instruction takes place. Projects enhance the creative nature of our students and are developed around a theme. Every May our academy opens our doors to display some of this fabulous work in our annual Art Show.

Music: Each student in our academy has the opportunity for music instruction once a week in our music room. Our music teacher is Mrs. Jessica Corchia who is a professional musician, brings her passion for music to our students. The lessons vary based upon the grade-level and include everything from simple instruments, to music theory. We also have a Childrens choir who meet once a week and sing at our Parish Family masses. We also offer independent band program from Paul Elfman Music, with violin added for children in grades 2 – 8. Our students participate in two concerts per year, one at Christmas and one in the spring. Our upper school students have the opportunity to be invited to play in the Diocesan Honor Band.

Physical Education: Our mission is to educate the body as well as the mind, We offer every student in grades Nursery through eighth grade physical education up to twice a week. Under the guidance of our physical education teacher we get our children up and moving, they learn the importance of teamwork through activities such as Project Adventure. The goal of physical education is to allow all students to develop the knowledge and skills to manage regular, lifelong physical activity to help ensure a healthy and productive life. Sacred Heart Catholic Academy Physical Education offers an age appropriate curriculum that bolsters an understanding of a variety of activities that emphasize knowledge, competence, fitness, cooperation and skill development. Physical education involves the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of your child.

Technology:Technology is woven into our curriculum on a daily basis, but one day per week each student is given direct instruction in technology. That instruction comes in form of keyboarding, a Smartboard activity or the creation of a PowerPoint. Research skills are taught as well. Our fully WiFi enabled computer lab has an iPad cart, Chrome books and laptops for our students use.
A one to one chrome book program for our students in grades 6-8 began this year. Teachers have created Google classroom accounts for their students and now class activities and homework are being done on the Chromebook.

Foreign Language- Spanish: When our graduates enter high school they are able to test out of level one Spanish because of the level of instruction they receive at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. Every student in our 7 & 8 grades receive foreign language instruction five (5) days per week. Our students in 6th grade receive instruction two (2) days per week and our students in grades K through 5 are given one (1) day of instruction.

Guidance: To fully meet the social-emotional needs of our students we have a part time certified guidance counselor on staff. She meets with our students on a one-to-one or a small group basis to empower our students to be the best that they can be.

Library: We employ a part time school Librarian who works with our lower and middle school children one day per week. In addition to taking books out of our fully automated library, she does author BINGO, plays games around book titles and creates scavenger hunts for our children. Our upper school students receive library instruction once a month.

STEAM: Education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math are blended into our curriculum in both the lower and the middle schools. The creation of a Maker Space allows the students a place to be creative.