Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

September 19, 2018
Dear families,
Last night we had a High School information night for the parents of our 8th graders. Mrs. Stokes did a wonderful job of detailing the process of choosing a high school. In our city, you have so many options that at times it appears overwhelming, but thanks to her the process is always smooth. For as long as I can remember almost all of our students have been accepted to their first choice of High School, and that speaks volumes for the education that they receive here at Sacred Heart.
It was so nice to see so many of you at our Back to School Nights. I hope you had the opportunity to meet our new Assistant Principal, Ms. Brunkhorst, as she explained to all in attendance, her focus will be on Curriculum and Instruction. She will be working closely with our faculty to differentiate instruction. We are so blessed to have her, and her skill sets working in our school for your children.
When you look at the school calendar, you will see that our Pretzel Sale was scheduled to begin this week. The vendor called Mrs. Green on Friday to announce that or pretzel order was sent to the wrong school. We have issued an APB for the missing pretzels and will let you know when they are in the building. Due to this delay, we will be shifting upwards the dates of the weigh in and the end of the sale. Please look for more information in “The Weekly”.
A flyer was sent home regarding the sale of Entertainment Books. These books contain coupons for various family friendly venues, such as bowling, movie theaters, and the like, throughout the region. There are also discounts for family friendly restraints. The cost of the book is $25.00 and the realized savings could be $100.00’s.
Box Tops for Education is a good source of extra money for our school. We plan to use the money that comes from Box Tops to purchase science equipment. A flyer is going home Thursday detailing the program and the incentives that your child could earn. Over the summer the community clipped and packaged up over $500.00 in Box Tops!!!! In addition to Box Tops, we are a recognized recipient of Amazon Smiles rebates and we are waiting approval for the Stop and Shop incentive program. Details on these programs next week.
Our Parish will be 140 years young and to celebrate the Parish is hosting a Wine and Cheese reception after the 5pm mass on Saturday September 29. In addition to the reception, the Parish is hosting a Gala on October 20 at Immaculate Conception in Douglaston. Tickets can be purchased after all masses. In conjunction with the Gala there is a Mega Raffle. $100.00 per ticket, 400 tickets to be sold the prize is $20,000 to winner-yeah!! (If all 400 tickets are sold) You may consider splitting the ticket with friends and family- even 20% of $20, 000 is a lot of money. To purchase a ticket, see Msgr. Tom or do so after all the masses. You gotta be in it to win it!!!
The first tuition payment is now due, if you have not made the first payment, please do so today.
In the past we had a small group of parents who walked through the building every morning after the bell to insure that all the doors to the school were secured. As time has gone by, our “security detail” has graduated and now we are in need of people to volunteer to help with this. It should take about 30 minutes to walk the building, and if we get enough volunteers, you do not have to do it every day. If you are able to help us, please let me know. I thank you for your time and service to our school.
We are continuing with our 1 to 1 technology program whereby we deploy chrome books to our juror high students. Much of the work that the students do is on Google classroom using Google Apps for Education.
Please refer to the dates to remember as there are two important meetings for those families making First Communion and Confirmation
Our opening school mass is tomorrow, Thursday at 1PM, I hope that you can join us to ask God’s blessings on our new school year.
The first Children’s Liturgy of the Word is this Sunday at the 9:30 mass. It was so great to see so many children last Sunday for the Blessing of the backpacks and school supplies, let’s come out this Sunday morning for the Children’s Liturgy. At baptism, you made a promise to hand down the faith to your children, celebrating mass together is handing down the faith. Please remember to “keep Holy the Sabbath”. I remember when retail was closed on Sunday and you had Sunday dinner at grandma’s house with your entire family. Wouldn’t be nice to take back Sunday as a day of family, and rest????


MaryAnne Cooke

Back to School

Dear families,
I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful day. It is hard to imagine that summer has come and gone and that we are back to school already!

With that being said, school starts Wednesday September 5th. Early drop off will continue at 7:30 in the library, and the bell rings at 8:05am. Wednesday and Thursday will behalf days (11:30) with NO afterschool. Friday will be a full day with afterschool.
If you are new to our school, please bring your child to the library before the 8:05 bell and I will escort your child to his/her classroom. Everyone else is to line up where you lined up last year and enter the building with your teacher from last year. They will split the children and take them to their new teacher.

I do want to tell you about some changes that were made over the summer:

Mrs Hartin is a grammy and will not be returning to Sacred Heart. She leaves very large shoes to fill. Mrs Nitollo will be our new school secretary. Now that Mrs. Nitollo is school secretary, we need a business secretary so we hired Lori who had worked at St. Mel’s for the job.
Mrs. Comstock made the decision to retire so that left us with her program to fill. Lena Spordone will be our new AIS/Reading specialist. The new program will be a push-in program so that the children will not miss instructional time.
We did have to cut down to one 4th grade class, so Mrs. Kritikos, Mrs. Bruno and Mrs. Trufelli will be doing 4 and 5th
Mrs. Marsar has graduated back to second grade. This left a position open in Kindergarten to fill we hired a wonderful, upbeat, loving person to fill that position- Mrs. Lisa Broad to take the second Kindergarten.
Mrs. Rheinhart is our nursery teacher, which left an opening in our 6th grade. A young woman came to us highly recommended, and many of us had the honor of teaching her- Sydney Shrinivas. Ms Shrinivas taught 6th grade ELA/SS at Divine Wisdom last year.
Some of you may have met our new assistant principal, Sharon Brunkhorst. She comes to us after teaching 7 years at Divine Wisdom. She will be working with the teachers in the area of curriculum and instruction.
Ms Brunkhurst will have the office that was Mrs. Hartin’s and the main office has been relocated to Mrs. Comstock’s room.
I know that you join me in welcoming the new members to our family.

Our school calendar can be accessed through our school website It is populated through June, with the half days and days off listed. Just click on the word calendar in the center of the page and use the forward or backward arrows to locate a month.

There is a change from the letter I sent you in June. Our back to School night is NOT September 11 for K-1 & 6-8 it is September 13th. Msgr. will be having a special 9/11 mass on the 11th and on display will be his original piece of the Trade Center. As Msgr. was a first responder he was given a piece of the Trade Center. It is our hope that as many families as possible, will attend this Mass.

On Sunday, September 16, at the 9:30 Mass we will have a Blessing of the Backpacks for all of the students. Again, as your child’s first teacher, it is your responsibility to pass on the faith. We hope to see everyone in attendance.

Hot lunch forms will be sent home the first week, pay special attention to return dates. There will be NO lunch served on Friday, September 7- only limited snacks and drinks.

If you do not follow us on facebook, do so. I post many pictures of our happy, smiling children engaged in a variety of activities.

We are collecting Box Tops for Education (thank you Nadan family for your creativity!) We also have an account at Amazon Smiles where we get reward money for purchases that you make, just look for Sacred Heart Bayside (thank you Ioannides family)

Have a great day and I look forward to greeting each of you on Wednesday.
Mary-Anne Cooke

Congratulations to Mrs Sexton

Today we offer best wishes to Mrs. Elena Sexton on the wedding of her son Michael to his beautiful bride Lauren. There is no better way to start your retirement.

Week 3 Summer Camp

It was Disney Week this week at camp!
Our campers made Winnie the Pooh masks to wear. We were “Mad” for Mad Science and loved the water play and Italian Ice.
Looking forward to week 4……..

Dancing with Unicorns

Do you remember when we had the collection of dance attire for the Dancing with Unicorns Project? Well, the girls hand delivered all of the costumes they collected throughout the year to RockReach: The Rock School is located in Pa. Thank you Josie for teaching us that we have the power to help those in need and that two young ladies can make a difference!

for Dance Education’s multi-faceted outreach program. Stay tuned for more information on how to donate to Dancing With Unicorns

Memorial Day

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a time to remember all those brave men and women who gave their life in service to our country. The freedoms that we have have not come cheap, they have been paid for by every person who has ever put on a uniform, and every family that manned the “homefront”.
In the Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln reminds us of this service and sacrifice He challenges us to ensure that we remember —”that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
God Bless America, God Bless and protect our military, and may our fallen heroes rest in peace, Amen.

A very busy week!

It was a very busy week at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy this week we had International Day where we share food, clothing, customs and traditions with each other. It was a very YUMMY day! Thank you to Mrs K for all her hard work.
In keeping with our Catholic values of sharing and helping others, our Student Council hosted an “Alex’s Lemonade Stand”. The proceeds will be sent to Alex’s lemonade Stand to help fight childhood cancers. Some refreshing lemonade for us and some life saving treatment for a child- we win!
Thank you to our student council, the families who donated supplies and helped make the lemonade and our moderators, Mrs. Bruno and Mrs, Spordone.