Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

September 19, 2017
Dear families,

What a wonderful week we have had, I am so proud of our school and the community which we serve. Our opening mass was just beautiful. Mrs. Edebholes who usually helps us with music was not available, so I asked Dewey from the rectory who does the youth choir to step in. He, Luca M and Benjamin F did a fantastic job. I really appreciate the effort that they gave and on really short notice. On Sunday there was a facebook message from the Marine in Bayside, Texas who wrote about the cards that your children made and sent in with the donations. I still cry when I read her message about your children. If you have not gone on our facebook page, please do. Like us on facebook and follow the comings and goings of Sacred Heart.
Today our teeny tiny twos began our newly created little birds program. It is a gentle separation program for mommies and 2 year olds. We still have room in our 10 am class, call us if you want to join or you know someone who wants to join. There are two sessions September ? January and January to June. Our mommy and me begins this Wednesday as well, the class starts at 9am and runs for 90 minutes, it is drop in program so there is no long term commitment.
Well our first fund raiser of the year is off to a great start! As you know we are selling individually wrapped chocolate covered pretzel rods covered with candy toppings. One pretzel is $1.00 and the box is $60.00. Please consider selling a box or two to your family and coworkers, they make a yummy snack. At back to school night I mentioned that we host several fundraisers throughout the year and that no one is expected to participate in every one of them, if you did you would be broke. What I am asking is that if there is something that you chose one or two that you can do. If every family did something we would well exceed our fundraising budget.
Speaking of back to School Night. Just a few reminders: Please do not go through the after school to go to the classrooms for books. We need to know who is in our buildings and entering from the afterschool and leaving from the front door does not allow us that security. If your child is absent, please call the office and let us know. Read the student handbook with your child, sign and return the receipt that you read it. Go to the website to check on HW. Use OptionC to check on grades- many teachers will begin assessments this week. If you cannot get on OptionC, ask Mrs. Hartin. Be mindful of due dates, theyare important, especially when we have something that we need to order. Follow the rules of our crossing guards; they are here to protect your children. Both of these dedicated women were in your shoes at one time, they were BOTH Sacred Heart mommies!
I was visiting classrooms this past week and I stumbled into the 5th grade math class, now for those of you who know me- I am really not a math fan, but I looked in and they were writing so I figured I would check it out. I am so glad I did! They were exploring how they used math over the summer; some spoke about cooking- I like food!, some spoke about shopping and making change and some spoke of their travels this summer. I was blown away by how they were able to calculated miles from NY to Spain and NY to Croatia. What really impressed me was that they were having so much fun sharing stories and having real conversations. As I make my rounds each day I see and hear the rigor that is taking place within our academy. Mrs. Reeves first grade will be starting their journal writing soon, I cannot wait to get into hear them read their journals. Mrs. Kritikos is already talking about the first novel that her class will be reading. I am excited for all the learning that is taking place in every corner of the school.
Thank you for choosing to send your child to Sacred Heart, we are so happy that you have entrusted us with your most precious possessions. We promise that we will teach them math, science, how to read and how to write, but we will teach them how to show love and compassion for others in the same way that Jesus showed compassion, we will teach them and model for them the value of prayer and how to develop a relationship with Jesus. This is why you sacrifice to send your children to Sacred Heart and this is why we sacrifice to teach at Sacred Heart.
Mary Anne Cooke

Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

September 5, 2017
Dear families,
Welcome back! Today was the first day of school for our students and all seemed to go very smoothly. It is so good to see the building filed with sound and smiles, it was very quiet over the summer. Schools are a special place, they need to have children and action in them, and otherwise it is very weird.
The cleaning crew did an excellent job of cleaning our building and waxing the floors, Mr. Shea was busy with small repairs and painting the building, the contractors were busy doing some concrete repairs on the outside of the building and the teachers were hard at work decorating and arranging the classroom for your children. We are ready to open!
There is so much going on in our building in the coming weeks, we are sending home this Weekly to keep you up to date.
1. Back to school night Tuesday September 12 for the new building grades K, 6-8 we will start in the caf at 7Pm with a short presentation and then move to your childs classroom for a short presentation on the class itself. Grades 2-5 will have back to school on Thursday, September 4 the routine will be the same. Our Mothers Club will have a station set up on the upper bridge both evenings for you to come by, have a coffee and a snack and sign up to help with one of our fundraising events this year. As you know, we have instituted a volunteer component to our tuition contract requiring each family to do 10 hours of fundraising per year (or pay $30.00 per hour). There are many opportunities for you to help, please stop by.
2. Today our 8th grade students were sent home with information regarding the TACHs Exam as well as the Specialized HS exam. Please mark your calendars and keep that info handy. Mrs. Stokes will be hosting a HS night around the end of the month- more details to follow.
3. Since our Hot Lunch program will not begin till early October, we are offering a modified program of pizza on Wednesday and Friday. There is a order from in this Weekly should you wish to take advantage of this lunch. The final day for orders is Monday September 18th.
4. Our afterschool programs such as Bricks for Kidz, Mad Science, etc are in place. Please look in the Weekly for registration information.
5. Our school calendar is on our website, it contains our half days as well as any days off. Please refer to this calendar throughout the year.
6. Our Mothers Club is a very dedicated group of women who give of their time and talent daily to support the efforts of our school and your children. They ask each family to support their mission by paying dues of $30.00 per year. If you have NOT sent in your dues, please do so today. Mark the envelope Mothers Club Dues.
7. Hurricane Harvey relief- From Bayside NY to Bayside, Tx is organized by the mother of our music teacher, Miss Jessica. We are collecting small items such as flashlights, batteries, band aids, pet food. Please be as generous as you can be. If anyone wants to volunteer time to load the trucks on Saturday morning, they will be meeting at 9am on Bell. I hope to see you there wearing your Sacred Heart clothing.
I welcome all of you back, and I want to thank you for choosing Sacred Heart for your childs education. We are very grateful to all of your for your trust and support. Please spread the word about our school to your friends and neighbors. We are still offering the $500.00 financial incentive if you refer a friend.

Mrs. Cooke

Mrs. Cooke’s Weekly Letter

August 24, 2017

Dear families,
WOW! It is so hard to imagine that August will be coming to an end soon, can you tell me where the past six weeks have gone????

I certainly hope that you are enjoying every last minute of summer break and taking the time to rest and refresh before the routine of school begins.

School opens on Wednesday September 6 with the bell ringing at 8:10am for grades Pre K-8th. We will dismiss at 11:30 both Wednesday and Thursday.
On Thursday, September 7 we will have our Nursery Orientation in the Parish center at 9 am and the first day of Nursery begins on Friday, September 8th.
Friday, September 8th will be our first full day of school, so please send your child in with lunch, drink and snack. Our hot lunch program will not begin till later in the month, so please be sure to pack lunch and snack for your child(ren).
Our back to School nights are Tuesday, September 12 for K-1 and 6-8. We will begin in the caf at 7PM sharp and then move to the classroom for information from your childs homeroom teacher. On Thursday, September 14 we will have back to school for grades 2-5, the process will be the same.

I know that we are having a slight problem with the new uniform company and the boys grey trousers. They are not the cargo pants that the company is showing you. I am working with them to straighten out this problem. In addition, we will not be stocking a supply of the polo shirts at this time. Please visit the uniform company or their web site for ordering.
Option C has informed us that if you have a email address that email will not be supported by Option C, this means that you will NOT get any Parent Alert emails from us. To fix this, please go into the parent portal and add a new email address such as Yahoo or google to your account.

Please look at the school calendar on the website for events and dates to know, it is really up to date.
Be well and be safe and I look forward to seeing you in September and hearing all about your vacations.
Maryann Cooke
PS. We are still offering the $500.00 reduction in tuition if you refer a friend or family member to our school, YOU are our best advertising- spread the good word!

The Opening of C & C Italian Ices

As I entered the building today, I was met by two of our students who handed me their “business card”! It appears that these young entrepreneurs will be selling Italian Ice from the site of the old Grazianio’s on 39th Avenue. (38-34 39th Ave)  The ice will come from Corona and be available Sunday- Thursday  from 11-5.  This Sunday. July 9 will be their big opening.  Stop by and pick up a scoop or two.

Happy Independence Day!!!

July 4th 2017

Dear families

Happy Independence Day!!!

Today we celebrate and remember an event that took place 241 years ago, when a man by the name of Richard Henry Lee, from Virginia, presented at resolution in the Pennsylvania State House stating the following:

     “Resolved: That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved

These simple words became the basis for what we know as the Declaration of Independence.

So today as you have that BBQ, watch those fireworks, take a few minutes to read the text of the declaration, to hear the words of John Locke- the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the ideas of Rousseau, that people have the right to change government that does not work for them, and to get a sense of the obligations of the people within a democratic society.

These simple words brought forth a revolution, a revolution that turned the world upside down. The men who signed this document could have been tried for treason, but they felt the cause greater than them.  In the end these men trusted in the protection of God and pledged to each other their Lives, their Fortunes, and their sacred Honor.

May God Bless and protect the United States of America.


Mary-Anne Cooke

Have a great day!!!!!!


Congratulations to our Graduates!

Last Night was beautiful.

We are so proud of you and of all that you have accomplished!? May God continue to Bless you and keep you all the days of your life.? You will always have a place at “home”.

Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

May 30, 2017

Dear families,

So much has been going on her in the past few days, we have so much to talk about…

Our 5th grade teachers put together a terrific food fest for us on the 18th with our annual International Day.  What a great way to share the cultures and traditions of our ethnic heritage.  The posters were like a travel log, I can not wait to visit these countries and see all the wonderful sights.  The dolls that were created and the ethnic dress were so creative and of course the food………YUMMY!

Our first annual Art Auction was a huge success.  The class projects were done so well and the bidding that took place on certain items was very generous!  Thank you to everyone who came out and of course to Mrs. Waranis for her talents.

Last Wednesday we had our annual Spring Band Concert.  I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the talent of the students.  I cannot play an instrument so I am so in awe of anyone who can.  To sit there and to see our first graders play the violin and for me to know what the song was- amazing!  Every student played their heart out.  Hat’s off to all our talented musicians and of course their families.  At one point I was watching the drummers, who played with gusto and I was grateful that neither of my children asked to play the drums!! There was a bittersweet moment when certificates were given to our 8th graders who will no longer be part of the Sacred Heart Band.

Our 6th graders took a trip to Medieval Times to  experience a joust.  This is done as a culminating activity in their social studies class.  It really is a fun trip.

A few months ago we had a speaker for the parents on social media and children.  She was very informative and the parents asked if I could get someone in to talk to the children about the responsible use of social media.  Well, I was lucky enough to have a speaker come today and speak with the children in grades 6-8 about being responsible and knowing the consequences of posting on social media.  The presentation was truly eye-opening!  It is amazing how much social media the children use at such a young age.  We will have more opportunities to bring in speakers next year to continue the discussion.

Family Fun day is Friday, the children may come to school dress down so that they are participate in all the fun activities at dismissal.

Remember that we are hosting a summer camp that will run for up to six weeks over the summer.  Spots are filling up fast, so please get your registrations in.

The school library will be closing as of June 9th, please check your home for any books that belong to the Sacred Heart library, and return them by June 9th.