Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

December 5, 2017
Dear families,
I want to begin by thanking all the parents, alumni and students who helped to make our Breakfast with Santa so magical! Thank you for supporting this great family event. It was so much fun. I watched with awe the children who watched the trains go around, there is really something special about a train…. I brought Erin to breakfast, now Erin is 3 going to be 4 in January and really 30- she is just like her mother! Anyway, when we got home, Keri asked Erin how breakfast was and to my shock, Erin thought for a moment and said to her mom, “Santa didn’t eat”. I am always amazed at what kids notice.
We are beginning our registration campaign for Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year. If you know someone who may be interested in sharing their children with us, please invite them to come and take a tour. We are offering tours beginning the week of December 11, we all know that when they see Mrs Marsar, Ms McGary and Mrs. Gallo, they will be sold on the spot! We are offering some early bird incentives for this registration period, so spread the word- We are saving a seat for them.
Wednesday is the feast day of Saint Nicholas, and your child will come home with a simple candy cane. That simple candy cane has some real significance with our faith. If you hold it with the hook on the bottom, it forms a J for Jesus, and that is not all- just ask your children…
Friday is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, this is an important feast day within our Diocese, as Mary is our Patroness. The seminary is named after the Immaculate Conception. Please take some time on Friday to spend some time in prayer to Mary in thanksgiving for all that she has done.
Report card conferences will be held on Thursday. Traditionally we have given you the results of the October TerraNova testing, unfortunately, this year the test results may not be in by Thursday there is a delay with the company that processes the results. If not we will send them home with a letter to explain the results. Now, the UPS truck may show up in the morning, but just in case.
Please take your child to mass, especially this time of year. As the primary teacher of your child you made a promise at Baptism to pass on the faith. The story of Christmas is the greatest story ever told. We all get wrapped up in cooking, cleaning, shopping etc, but let us not lose sight of the real message- God so loved the world that he gave us his only son.
I heard from a 7th grade parent, Mrs. Furino that she has a really great babysitter who is looking for a job. This woman knows Sacred Heart as she was the babysitter for Mrs. Furino’s daughter! If anyone is looking for someone, please call the office and we will give you some contact information.
As many of you know, Mr Shea fell and broke his femur, he had surgery to put a rod and pins in his leg. He is home and getting physical therapy. Please keep him in your prayers- speedy recovery!
MaryAnne Cooke

Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

November 30, 2017
Dear families,
I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoyed the time with your family and friends. If you are anything like me, you spent the Thanksgiving weekend decorating for Christmas! It is so hard to come to terms with the fact that we are that close to Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, on Saturday we will have our annual Breakfast with Santa. It is a great family friendly way to kick off the holiday season. Tickets are $15.00 per person, in advance and $20.00 per person at the door. There will be arts and crafts, face painting and of course a visit from the Big Man himself!
Sunday, the Board of Directors will be making a presentation after all the masses on the next 100 years of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. When you and your children attend mass this Sunday, please have your children wear their school uniform. If they come in uniform on Sunday, there will be a dress down on Monday. This one will be on the “honor system”- no coupons to hand out. I hope to see a good turnout of “our” children at all the masses. There will be small reception in the school café, please see the bulletin for more information.
Sunday at 9:30 is also our Family mass, it is a wonderful mass with our children’s choir singing. Our children’s choir is under the direction of our very own Mrs. Edeboholes.
Next Thursday is report card day- YEAH!! I look forward to seeing you as you walk through the building. If you want to do some Christmas shopping, we will have former parent, Mrs. McCabe in the library selling her beautiful jewelry. She always has a great selection at great prices, stop by and take a look.
As I walk through the building, I see so many wonderful things going on, I see creative interactive lessons in mathematics, I see peer revisions of stories, I see the science lab being used for experimentation, I see group presentations on comparative religions, I hear prayers being said in Spanish, and I see web quests being done cooperatively on ancient civilizations. At Sacred Heart we teach our curriculum, but at the same time we infuse that curriculum with the values that Jesus taught. In our world today, that value-centered education is so important, who would not jump at the chance to have it? You are our best advertisement, please tell your friends and neighbors about the wonderful things that are taking place in our little corner of 38th Avenue.
We will be closed on December 8th to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception- Mary conceived without sin Pray for us.
Looking forward to seeing you over the weekend.
MaryAnne Cooke

Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

November 22, 2017
Dear families,
Pope Francis tells us to live life with a grateful heart, and if we do every day will be Thanksgiving. In its simplicity this message is truly powerful! How can I live that “grateful heart”? What does it look like while I am stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, or when I am at the Stop and Shop parking lot and someone takes the space that I have been waiting for?
By definition gratitude is an emotion expressing thanks for what we have rather then what we want. Now, I may really want that good parking space at the Stop and Shop but I have two good legs and I can walk a few feet to the store, while in the car in bumper to bumper traffic, I can be grateful that I have a car for transportation and I do not have to rely on public transportation- getting around Long Island on public transportation would be impossible.
Pope Francis tells us that Thanksgiving is more than a day, it is a way of life. Each one of us has so much to be thankful for we need to focus more on what we have right in front of us rather than what we want that may be out of reach.
With that being said, I am grateful for all of you and your support of our food drive. The food that you sent in was sent to five neighboring parishes. It will provide meals for families who have needs. These needs do not only occur one day of the year, Jesus commands us to “Feed my Sheep”.
If you have not done so, please take an ornament from our giving tree. There have been over 700 requests for us to assist our neighbors this holiday season. Chose one with your child and shop together, what a wonderful message and life lesson you will be teaching them.
I am grateful for all of you who supported our adopt a family campaign this week. Your simple donation multiplied with everyone else here at Sacred Heart will go a long way to provide “magic” for the family.
As we journey into the holiday season, take time to reflect upon the blessings that God has given each and every one of us, see what you really “have” and try not to focus on the “I want”. Live with that grateful heart.
May the Blessing of Jesus be with all of us
Happy Thanksgiving

MaryAnne Cooke

Special Guest Today

Today we had a very special guest at our Academy, we welcomed Det. Kaufman. Det. Kaufman came to speak with each grade level on what the Police Department does and how we can stay safe in the digital age. It was a very good presentation and we thank him for giving of his time.

Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

November 14, 2017
Dear families,
It is with great pride that we welcome Msgr Thomas Machalski to our academy family. For those of you who have not met Msgr Tom, stop by any morning and you will see him sporting his MET’S jacket talking with our children in the yard before the bell. I am amazed at how many of the children he knows by name . He has been touring the building as well so ask your children if they have seen him.
Our Thanksgiving food drive is underway, each grade level has been assigned an item, please be as generous as your means will allow.
Our gift wrap/Prestige sale closes on Friday. If there was something that caught your eye in the brochure that went home, please get your order in by Friday,
On Monday November 20 we will have our dress down for our “adopt a family”. This year we are asking $5.00 per child to provide gifts for our family in need. You can not use a dress down coupon from the walk a thon or anything else on that day.
We have a parish youth minister who will be hosting a full day Youth Retreat in the Church basement on Saturday. Over 100 young people are scheduled to attend, please remember them in your prayers.
We will have our Children’s Liturgy of the Word this Sunday, November 19th. I will be preaching the Gospel, please make every effort to come and hear what I have to say
We are closing school on Wednesday November 23 at 11:30
Our parish Giving Tree will be available starting on December 2th, to date there have been 700 requests for our tree!
As we reflect upon the Gospel, we see that the Kingdom of God is not here or there, it is everywhere. Live our lives today in an awareness of that gift!
May the peace of Christ be with you all…….

Mrs. Cooke

Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

Dear families,

Happy Eve of All Saints..we take time tomorrow to honor all those Saints, known and unknown who intercede for us in Heaven. We especially remember our own “communion of Saints” those relatives and friends who have gone before us and to whom we pray. Our entire school community will be participating in the 9am Mass to pray together.
Halloween is a special day at Sacred Heart, it is our annual cupcake sale to benefit Saint Francis Breadline. Many thanks to Mrs. Trufelli, Mrs. Spordone , and all the 5th grade parents and students for a job well done! Because of their efforts we raised over $1450.00 to feed the hungry. Congratulations to our raffle winners: Lorenz Berni, Jean Donlevy, Nina Lehrer and Anthony Manukian and to everyone who participated in this awesome event. It is so god to see all the family members who come out to share the day with us. Thank you!
As usual, our Walk-A- Thon was a complete success. Together we raised $12,700.00 and with our Board matching the total dollar for dollar, we now have $25, 400.00 to refurbish the girl’s bathroom in the old building.
Our Prestige fundraising book went home today, please know that you do not have to participate in every fundraiser that we have- no one is expecting that, you would go broke. Pick and choose, but please try to participate in something.
As we approach the half way point of our first trimester, please log into Option C and look at your child’s progress. It is important to stay on top of your child’s academic progress.
Our diligent crossing guards have asked me to remind you of the drop off rules in the morning. You are not able to park in front of the school in the morning it is dangerous. We have seen children darting in and out between the cars someone could get hurt. If you have to bring your child to the front door, park your car and walk across the street.
Regarding the tree in front of the rectory. Please keep your children off the tree and the rock. They could fall and hurt themselves. The rectory lawn is not the park.
Next Saturday our second graders will receive the sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation. What a special way to experience the love and compassion of Christ. Please join me in praying for these young people that they may be open to the word of God.
Have a great week,
Mrs. Cooke

Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

October 25, 2017
Dear Parents and Guardians,
In 1924, when the decision was made to build our school, a school named Sacred Heart of Jesus we were challenged to follow in the path of that love and compassion of the Sacred Heart, to be a model for peace. Sometimes we forget that challenge – in the way was speak to each other and in our interactions with each other. It is important to reconnect with our roots from time to time and reflect upon our daily interactions. Remember to treat each other the way you want to be treated. Try to be Jesus to all that we meet.
It really has been a rollercoaster of a few weeks at Sacred Heart. We completed our Terra Nova testing for grades 3-8. Then the Yankees…… Yesterday and today is picture day and last week we had our annual Walk-a-Thon.
Regarding the walk-a thon first, thank you to all of you who prayed for nice weather…. It worked! Then to all the parents who “volunteered” to help – 3 or 4 pages worth! Thank you to our Mothers’ Club for everything. Thank you all for your generosity. Because of you, we raised over $12,000. I thought that last year’s number was great but we surpassed that. Since our Board of Directors promised to match funds, that gives us $25,000 for the bathroom. Yeah!!!!
I was raised on the Old Baltimore Catechism – that Q&A about our faith. We were told that we should love God, know God, and serve God . We are serving in so many ways at Sacred Heart. We are collecting food and diapers for Puerto Rico, children’s books and clothing for Bridge to Life. Every one of those programs was grass roots created either by a student in school or an alumni.
Next Tuesday is Halloween and our annual cupcake sale to benefit St Francis Breadline. Our 5th graders are busy making posters and decorating pumpkins. Our 3rd grade “Saints” are getting ready to march and our 8th grade cannot wait for the last minute bargains! We will have dress down on Tuesday, but no costumes. It is a full day of school. Trick or Treating can begin at 3. For our 7th graders, their 1st Confirmation journals are due next week.

Have a wonderful restful week. We earned it!

Maryanne Cooke


Thank you to all who donated dance attire to the foundation that was started by one of our 4th graders. They girls took time to clean and bag all the shoes in preparation for the donation to a school for special needs children in Queens as well as a dance program in Harlem.