Summer Letter from Mrs. Conlan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are doing well! Summer has traditionally been a time of rest and relaxation for teachers and students. This year it will be well deserved by all.  Thank you all for working with Sacred Heart Teachers and staff during these last three months. I know it has been a great effort on all our parts to keep the children learning throughout this time. We could not have done it without you.  I will keep you all in my prayers during this summer.

Please keep an eye out for emails from the school with information regarding Supplies and Summer Reading. Both will be sent out to you through email. 

Report cards will be out tomorrow at about 1:00 pm and you will be able to view them from OptionC.   If you have any questions please email Mrs. Nittolo regarding the download or on how to contact your teachers at

I will be contacting you throughout the summer to let you know how we are going to be keeping our building safe for the return in September. Plans are being put in place at the Diocese and in our Academy. As soon as they are finalized we will begin sharing them with you.  It is my goal to  establish healthy protocols for September. Please know that we will maintain a safe and secure environment for all of the Sacred Heart children returning to school.

Have a blessed summer.


Mrs. Conlan

Registration for Sacred Heart Catholic Academy of Bayside 2020 – 2021

Admissions for Sacred Heart Catholic Academy of Bayside

Welcome to the admissions site for Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, provided to you by OptionC.

Before you proceed you will need to create an account. This allows you to save your progress along the way and return to finish if you are not ready to submit an application to the school. If you previously created an account, use the login form below.

If you are family with a current student at our school, please login to the OptionC family site in order to update your re-enrollment intentions or to add in a new student.

Once you login, this site consists of four sections:

  • Family Details : Update family information such as email, phone and address.
  • Parents/Guardians : Update your information, or add another parent to the family.
  • New Students : Add a new student to be considered for enrollment at our school.
  • Submit to School : Send new student information to the school.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Good Friday

Good Friday

Good Friday is both a sad and a glad day for us.

It’s sad because it’s the day Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross and died. But it’s a glad day because we know that Jesus died out of love for us.

Jesus offered his life to God the Father so that we could go to heaven one day. We want to show Jesus that we will stay by his side. On this day we eat simple food and do not eat meat.

All day long we try to be quieter and stay close to Jesus in our thoughts and prayers. We learn about true love from Jesus.
Parents can talk to their children about the Stations of the Cross.


Current Information Regarding Regional Enrichment Centers For First Responders

Dear Parents and Guardians,

From the NYC DOE:

In order to successfully fight COVID-19, our first responders, health care providers, transit workers, and other key personnel must be able to come to work. That is why we have created Regional Enrichment Centers—places where the children of these front-line workers can be safely cared for while their parents continue to serve the city in this time of need.

Staffed by DOE employees and community-based organization partners, the centers will provide children with three daily hot meals, remote learning time with their teachers, activities like art, music, and physical education, and social and emotional support.

Beginning Monday, March 23, Regional Enrichment Centers are opening across every borough, with at least two sites in every school district.

Eligibility and Enrollment

The DOE has been reaching out to other City agencies, unions, and partner organizations to help identify and contact families of first responders, health care workers, and key transit employees who will need to send their children to the Regional Enrichment Centers.

With these partners, we are working to alert families about this opportunity and to help register the children for a site near their home. If you think you might be eligible to send your child to a center near you, please complete thes survey by clicking the link:

Enrichment Center Information for First Responder Parents

Dear Parents,

Enrichment Centers are being set up for all grades by the NYC DOE in each school district for the children of First Responders. It will be a place where the children are watched, fed and have access to Remote Learning.

At this time, the known criteria are children of NYPD, FDNY and Local 1199 Health Workers Union. There will be additional First Responder groups added to the criteria and that information will be sent out upon receipt from the NYC DOE.

The recommendation is for each Principal to begin to compile a list of families that are First Responders, NYPD, FDNY and Local 1199.   Once information about the Enrichment Centers is received I will then be able to quickly get the information out to those families. Follow the link below to fill out a form. 

Please click here to fill out this form

Thank you

Mrs. Conlan

Sacred Heart Distance Learning Site

Click on the globe to access our Distance learning Site with opportunities for enrichment. 

 Great Activities such as Buncee, Kodable,, Yoga for Kids, Art Sites,Brain POP etc

Distance Learning at Sacred Heart

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your patience as we begin experiencing the fallout from the COVID 19 – Coronavirus. Our prayers are with those around the world and in our community affected by it. 

Although you have all received the usernames and passwords for your children in grades K – 5, (Junior High already has theirs), distance learning will not begin until March 17th. The teachers and I will be meeting on Monday, March 16th to iron out any difficulties with the distance learning and to begin planning long term. At that time the school building will be open. If your child was absent this week, and you need to pick up their books and work, you may come to the school building between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm on Monday to pick it up. 

In the meantime, you can attempt to log your child into those sites. iReady can be downloaded as an app into a tablet, or your can log in through  Please remember that the  iReady Reading is 45 minutes and that Math is also  45 minutes. These can be done once a week each.  If your child does not achieve a passing grade the program will give them two attempts. If they do not succeed twice, that module closes down. He or she can move onto the next one.  If you experience any problems with passwords or have any questions, please contact me. Google Classroom can be accessed by having your child log into Gmail. Google classroom can be reached by clicking on the “waffle: or “cube in the upper right hand corner of the site. The Google Classroom icon is yellow and green with the word classroom underneath. 

Tablets, phones laptop and Chromebooks can be used to access these platforms.  If for any reason you feel that your device is not adequate, we can distribute a loaner to a family who needs it. Please call Mrs. Nittolo tomorrow to let her know to so that we can make one available to you before 1:00 pm. 

Stay well.

Mrs. Conlan