Sacred Heart Is Back to Work!






Dear Parents,

Now that Catholic Schools Week is over we will be going back to normal.  There will be no interruption of Specials or AIS services starting this week. Fire Drills are a priority and with the warmer weather we will be having some this week. 

I am also looking forward to going into the classrooms this week.  I want to see the great things happening in the classroom and the way your children are learning. Ms. Brunkhorst and I will be working together this month to evaluate and perhaps replace some of the books being used in the classroom. We will be checking for publishing dates, and how well they meet curriculum standards. We will also be evaluating the technology and arts programs, hoping to work with our teachers to improve them. All of this will be done with teacher input. 

Thank you again for all your support in making Sacred Heart Catholic Academy a great place for children to grow both spiritually and academically. Without parent support and sacrifice we cannot be the best we are.  Please remember that I am available to meet with you. If you have any concerns please call to make an appointment.Enjoy the wonderful weather. 


Mrs. Conlan


Bishop DiMarzio Visits Sacred Heart Catholic Academy



Bishop DiMarzio visited Sacred Heart on Thursday, January 31st. He was here to bless our new Stream Lab. Our teachers met him in the Library for breakfast and then he moved to the Stream Lab to bless it.  Student Council was there to greet him when he arrived and the officers escorted him to the Stream Lab after breakfast. Once there two of our first graders met him dressed in Lab Learner coats.  Afterwards, he went to then gym to play “STUMP THE BISHOP”. Several students had the opportunity to ask him questions. These included a question on his pick for the Superbowl. He presented to Mrs. Conlan and Monsignor Tom a plaque for Sacred Heart Catholic Academy that commemorated the day. On behalf of the school he was presented with a gourmet basket of goodies. We are so grateful to have had him visit us during Catholic Schools Week and blessing the STREAM Lab. .

Why is Catholic Schools Week Fun?


This Catholic Schools Week at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy has been tremendous. Superhero Day, Buddy Day, BINGO and more, above all, the blessing of the STREAM Lab by Bishop DiMarzio, will be amazing.  Ms. Brunkhorst and Ms. Spordone have outdone themselves in planning these events for the students.

I was happy to meet so many families on OPEN HOUSE. I can see the dedication that generations of families have had to Sacred Heart Catholic Academy.   Yesterday I met with Parents , as well, for a meet and greet in the school cafeteria.  The questions I was asked show how involved and caring the parents here are about their children’s  education at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. These questions were about curriculum, testing, technology and the need for Spanish at the elementary level. 

Thank you to those families who volunteered to be on a committee.  If you are interested, these committees were, Facilities, Development and Marketing. Please call the Main Office and let us know which you would prefer to be on. Everyone’s efforts are needed to move forward in making the school the best environment possible for our students and their teachers. 

I wish you all a great week,

Mrs. Conlan

Catholic Schools Week Fun!!

Superhero Day

Catholic Schools Week  began with superhero fun! teachers and students became the superheroes of the school and had a great time!Students had written drawn and talked about the Superheroes in their lives.  It was a great way to” Kick Off” the week. 

Discovering Sacred Heart


Dear Parents,

This week I have been discovering all the wonderful things about Sacred Heart.   I am meeting with all of the teachers and learning how things work in the school.   Last week I met some of the Mother’s Club members. What a great resource these parents are to the school. 

I was very excited to see the new STREAM Lab come together. We were privileged to host St. Francis of Assisi teachers for Professional Development on Friday. Our teachers and theirs learned how to use the Lab. This means all grades can come in and learn with this awesome equipment. 

This Sunday is the beginning of Catholic School’s Week. On Sunday, January 27th, we will be having Mass at 9:30 in the church. We are asking that if you attend your child come dressed in full uniform.  All students attending in full uniform will be  receiving a free dress pass. Afterwards you are invited to the cafeteria for a breakfast. I look forward to seeing you then. Information regarding Catholic School’s Week will be given to you this week. 

I wish you a good week. 


Mrs. Alexandra Conlan

Our Teachers Learn About The STREAM Lab

Stream teachers

All of the Sacred Heart Catholic Academy Teachers attended professional development that was geared to learning the many aspects of our new STREAM lab. We hosted teachers from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy and learned together. 

Excited To Be At Sacred Heart

Dear Parents,

It is with great excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the newly appointed Principal of  Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a rich tradition of faith and education!  I have been dedicated to Catholic education for more than twenty one years and it is with excitement and eagerness that I bring my skills as an educational leader to Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. I look forward to working  with you and the teachers as partners to ensure your child’s success, spiritually and academically.

I hope to meet all of you soon. If there is a concern that you wish to address, please contact the Main Office to schedule an appointment.


Mrs. Alexandra Conlan