St. Patrick’s Day Theme

Since we will not be in school on Tuesday, I thought you might like some material to help keep your kiddos entertained and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! I am posting the link to my playlist “St. Patrick’s Day.” The playlist includes a few videos. Two of the videos are the two main St. Patrick’s Day songs we have been singing, and the other video is of a read aloud of the book, How to Catch a Leprechaun, which I had intended to read this week. The kids really like those two songs. The Leprechaun Dance is a fun one!

St. Patrick’s Day Video Playlist

2019-2020 Nursery Handbook


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If any changes are made, we will create a new post prior to school opening, so come back to visit!

Handbook Updated 2019

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The nursery class has been very busy preparing for the stepping up ceremony and doing many other things in the class.

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