PreK2 News Round-Up for the Week of January 7, 2019


  • Please note the following important schedule information:
  • 1. PreK Religion classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, from 8:10 to 8:25 AM in Mrs. Wunsch’s room. Please arrive in our room between 8:00 and 8:10 to hang coats, drop off folders, and sign in before crossing the hall to Mrs. Wunsch’s room. For those who are not taking this class, the usual arrival routine applies.
  • 2. Pre K only will be closed for a Pre K Teachers’ Workshop on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Pre K will be in session again on Thursday, January 17, 2019.
  • 3. PreK will have a full day on Friday, January 18, although the rest of the school will be closed for a Teachers’ Conference. Early Drop off is available however there is NO AFTERSCHOOL on Friday, January 18th.
  • 4. Monday, January 21 Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, including Pre K, will be closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What We’re Learning:

This week we will begin our fifth Unit of Study, Transportation. We will focus on the following concepts:

1. Week 1: What kinds of transportation do I use and why?

2. Week 2: How are various modes of transportation similar and different?

3. Week 3: Who operates the vehicles in my community?

4. Week 4: How do we stay safe when using transportation?

By the end of the unit children will understand that we use transportation to get to pre-K and other places; we use different types of transportation for different reasons; vehicles move in different ways; some vehicles are operated by community helpers such as bus drivers, conductors, firefighters, police officers, and mail carriers; and there are many ways to stay safe when using transportation. Remember that the FEP for Unit 4, our animal habitat dioramas, are due this Friday. You can bring your diorama in any day this week if you have completed it. The January/February Mystery Reader Sign-Up sheet is posted by the door for those who would like to read to us, thanks!

Finally, please help your child practice at home correctly signing their name using both upper and lower cases, initial letter capital, the rest lower case, thank you. Please also practice putting on and taking off coats and jackets; we are learning how to zipper and button and we need to practice at home, too!

Some centers we will work in: Dramatic Play, Art, Science, Math, Blocks, Sand & Water (Sensory), and Transportation.

Vocabulary words for the week include: Airplane, ambulance, bicycle, boat, bus, car, feet, fire truck, helicopter, hot air balloon, mail truck, police car, ride, run, scooter, skateboard, stroller, subway, swim, taxi, train, truck, van, wagon, walk.

FEP: Animal Habitat Diorama due January 11, 2019. See directions online or paper sent home the week of Dec. 17.

Books we will read this week: The Bus for Us, by Suzanne Bloom.

Some Standards: PK.CLL.4 (Approaches to Learning): Demonstrates ability to express ideas using a variety of methods,; PK.CKW.1 (Soc.Studies): Develops a basic awareness of self as an individual within the context of a family and within the context of a community; PK.CKW.3 (Social Studies): Demonstrates a knowledge of the relationship between people, places & regions. PK.CKW.4 (Counting and Cardinality): Count to answer “How many?” questions; PK.CKW.5 (Counting & Cardinality): Identify whether a group of objects is greater/fewer than, or equal to another group of objects. Centers: PK.SED.5: Demonstrates pro-social problem solving skills in social interactions; PK.SED.4: Develops positive relationships with their peers.

Our Second Grade at Work

The 2nd graders learned to use bar models to solve addition and subtraction word problems. Then, they played a “Memory Game” and “Go Fish” to reinforce the skill.

Homework for week of 10/22


Homework for 10/19
-5 sentences due on L.L. due Monday 10/22
-paragraph due Monday
-Spelling homework due 10/23
-Spelling test due 10/24

– poster due Monday 10/29
-textbook pages 86-87 #1-20 in notebook due Wednesday
-vocab pages for unit 3 pages 37-41 due next Tuesday/ Vocab test Tuesday 

-Storybird due Friday



Social Studies

-Study for Test in Friday

10/24 page 50 #1-7/ #1-15 in notebook


Homework for 10/26 

45 mins of Silent Reading

book report notes

Homework for 10/25

-Reader’s Response due tomorrow

work on book report notes 

Homework for 10/24
-Reader’s Response
-Hard as Nails review questions due tomorrow
-work on book report notes
-google slides presentation due Nov. 3rd
Book check (mystery) due Nov. 14th
Assignment: “Book Report Google Slides”

Homework for Oct 23
-Reader’s Response due Friday
-Hard as nails vocab due tomorrow
-work on book report notes
-powerpoint due Nov. 3rd
Book check due Nov. 14th Mystery

Homework for 10/22
-45 mins of silent reading
-continue with book report notes (book needs to be completed by Friday)
-Stray test signed
-Hard as Nails vocab

6th Grade: English Language Arts/ Social Studies

Hello Parents/Guardians!

My name is Sydney Shrinivas. My email is

This is my first year teaching at Sacred Heart School, but as an alumnae it feels so good to be back! I have my BA from St. John’s University and am currently in the process of obtaining my MA in Special Education. This page will be updated with important events, class assignments and any changes that may occur throughout the school year. If any child is struggling in a subject, I will offer extra help on Mondays after school as well as during any recess period upon request. 


Congratulations to Mrs Sexton

Today we offer best wishes to Mrs. Elena Sexton on the wedding of her son Michael to his beautiful bride Lauren. There is no better way to start your retirement.