Catholic Schools Week 2021

Catholic Schools Week

February 8-12


Monday: Future Day

Mass – 9:00

Dress as the occupation you’d like to have when you grow up.

Service- week long collection of food items. See the attached list of items we are gathering.

Begin Decorating Door: Pick one of our Catholic School Week days as your theme


Tuesday:  Opposite Day 

Each grade or cohort can represent something opposite. Such as opposing sports teams or eras of clothing. Wear night time pajamas in the daytime.  Jr. High:  70’s vs. 80’s or for example one group is the Mets and the other the Yankees. Marvel vs DC. Or wear your clothes inside out or backwards

Student appreciation – Special snack 



Wednesday:  Service Day 

Dress Like an essential worker.

City Harvest -Someone from their organization will speak to grades 2-5 and 6-8 about their mission and how they came to be.

Bingo Fun. Grades 1 – 8.  

Thursday: Sports Day             

Wear your favorite jersey or sports team shirt

Each class will have a half hour in the gym for a sports activity (relay race, etc.)

Teacher Appreciation Day.  


Friday: Spirit Day – Chinese New Year

Wear red/white or your purchased spirit wear

Order a special hot lunch – Meatball Parm or Chicken Parm Hero. 

All items will be sealed and delivered separately to each cohort following all protocols. 

 Click on the link to download the form.


Red envelopes for Chinese New Year  with gifts for students.