Did you enjoy winter break?

Dear Parents,

I hope you all enjoyed your time off.  Since we’ve been back Ms. Brunkhorst and I have been working very hard in our planning for next year.  We have been examining the curriculum, Catholic identity, technology and school rules for next year.  It is has been very exciting to begin this planning. The objective is to create a wonderful academic and spiritual academic model for your children. Our teachers are also actively engaged in this process.

The uniform company for next year will be Flynn and O’Hara. There will be some changes to the to the gym uniform. This would include changing the color of the shirt to gray and the inclusion of gym shorts. The uniform company had suggested changing the plaid on the girls uniforms. I would love to have some parent feedback on this. There would be a transitional year for those students who already have a jumper or for those who are in eighth grade and do not wish to purchase a skirt for one year.  I will have the plaid displayed in the school library, any feedback is welcome. 

You will be happy to know that the committees for the Art room rebuild, Marketing and Development will begin meeting next week. I am thrilled to begin this process and have these ready for next year’s students. Over the break repairs were done to the buildings. The most significant was the repair to the gym stage. All of the flooring was replaced. This will allow us to have performances in the gym.  

I wish you a good week. 

Mrs. Conlan