Discovering Sacred Heart


Dear Parents,

This week I have been discovering all the wonderful things about Sacred Heart.   I am meeting with all of the teachers and learning how things work in the school.   Last week I met some of the Mother’s Club members. What a great resource these parents are to the school. 

I was very excited to see the new STREAM Lab come together. We were privileged to host St. Francis of Assisi teachers for Professional Development on Friday. Our teachers and theirs learned how to use the Lab. This means all grades can come in and learn with this awesome equipment. 

This Sunday is the beginning of Catholic School’s Week. On Sunday, January 27th, we will be having Mass at 9:30 in the church. We are asking that if you attend your child come dressed in full uniform.  All students attending in full uniform will be  receiving a free dress pass. Afterwards you are invited to the cafeteria for a breakfast. I look forward to seeing you then. Information regarding Catholic School’s Week will be given to you this week. 

I wish you a good week. 


Mrs. Alexandra Conlan