Faculty and Staff

The Principal and all teachers have academic degrees appropriate for their particular assignments. All teachers participate in in-service and professional development workshops throughout the school year and in the summer.


Principal: Mrs. Alexandra Conlan (aconlan@sacredheartbayside.org)

AIS/ Lead Instructional Support

Lead Instructional Teacher Distance Learning Coordinator: Mrs. Lena Spordone (lspordone@sacredheartbayside.org)

Academy Office

Mrs. Loren Barker (loren.barker@sacredheartbayside.org)
Mrs. Marie Kaouris (mkaouris@sacredheartbayside.org)

Early Childhood Program

Ms. Theresa Lake (tlake@sacredheartbayside.org)
Mrs. Nicolina Porcelli, Paraprofessional
Mrs. Jane Oralis: Teacher Aide

Pre-K for All Site Director
Mrs. Alison Cosgrove (acosgrove@sacredheartbayside.org)

Pre-K for All – I
Mrs. Marion Wunsch (mwunsch@sacredheartbayside.org)
Mrs. Flor Rojas, Paraprofessional

Pre-K for All – II
Mrs. Marisa Day (mday@sacredheartbayside.org)
Mrs. Suzanne Romanello, Paraprofessional

Mrs. Bernadette Bruno (bbruno@sacredheartbayside.org)
Angela Gallo – Paraprofessional

Lower School

Grade 1
Mrs. Clare Reeves (creeves@sacredheartbayside.org)

Grade 2
Mrs. Mary Marsar-Farrell (mfarrell@sacredheartbayside.org)
Mrs. Diane Waranis (dwaranis@sacredheartbayside.org)

Grade 3
Mrs. Veronica Reinhart (vreinhart@sacredheartbayside.org)

Grade 4
Mrs. Connie Kritikos (ckritikos@sacredheartbayside.org)

Grade 5
Mrs. Noreen Trufelli (ntrufelli@sacredheartbayside.org)

Upper School

Social Studies:
Mr. Glenn Whelan (gwhelan@sacredheartbayside.org)

Grade 6
6-1: Ms. Sydney Shrinivas (sydney.shrinivas@sacredheartbayside.org)
6-2: Mrs. Kerline Valmond (kvalmond@sacredheartbayside.org)

Grade 7
 7-1: Ms. Stephanie Casquarelli (scasquarelli@sacredheartbayside.org)

Grade 8
8-1: Mrs. Jennifer Barckow (jbarckow@sacredheartbayside.org)
8-2: Mrs. Vanessa Marino (Vmarino@sacredheartbayside.org)

Special Subjects

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Coordinator 
Testing Coordinator: Mrs. Lena Spordone (lspordone@sacredheartbayside.org)

Mrs. Jessica Corchia-Durozoy (jdurozoy@sacredheartbayside.org)

Mrs. Diane Waranis (dwaranis@sacredheartbayside.org)

Physical Education
 Junior High: Mr. Glenn Whelan (gwhelan@sacredheartbayside.org)

Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Carissa Stokes (cstokes@sacredheartbayside.org)

Custodian: Premium Cleaning