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Mrs. Marisa Day, Third Grade Teacher

I am very excited to be in my 21st year of teaching the third grade at Sacred Heart! Third grade is a year filled with many fun topics to learn, and memories to be made.

Contact information:


Masters Degree: TESOL, (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Adelphi University

Bachelors Degree: Elementary Education, Adelphi University


Permanent Certification, Elementary Education

Permanent Certification, TESOL


Welcome to the Third Grade!

Mrs. Day’s Class News for the Week of  October 21st:

Please remember to check your homework folder each night. The class newsletter will be sent home every Friday, and will have all the upcoming news for the following week, as well as the Spelling and Vocabulary words. Information regarding the Third Grade Saints project/report has gone home, and the report is due on 10/30.  The Reading Log has gone home, and is due on 11/4.


Monday 10/21:~Standardized Testing


Tuesday  10/22:~Current Events due, Math test, Chapter 2


Wednesday 10/23:~Social Studies test, Chapter 2


Thursday  10/24:~Religion test, Chapter 3


Friday 10/25 :~ Spelling test, Vocab test, Skills test






“When the Saints Come Marching In”


Mrs. Day’s Class exploring the parts of a plant

Posted on October 2, 2017

Science experimentation was alive and well in our 3rd grade class this past week, The students worked in groups to examine the parts of the plant. They used magnifying glasses to get up close and personal, they used rulers to measure the roots (they were amazed to see the different sizes of root) One group even had a real bug nestled into the leaves.
At the end of the lab the students completed a task sheet noting all of their observations.

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