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Welcome to the world of math!  I have been teaching at Sacred Heart for the past 10 years and I am so excited to teach a subject that I am passionate about! I am available for extra help at recess on Monday and Friday for grade 4 and Wednesday and Thursday for grade 5.

Please check your child’s assignment pad each night for homework and reminders.

Math Homework for Grade 5:
Mon. Wb. Pgs. 93+94
Tues. WB. Pgs. 95+96
Wed. Wb. Pgs. 97+98 Chapter Review
Thurs.(vacation homework)Fat Book pages 197+198 Chapter review and Chapter review worksheet Test Jan. 3

Math Homework for Grade 4
Mon. Wb. Pgs. 75+76
Tues. Wb. Pgs. 79+80
Wed. Worksheet
Thurs. (vacation homework) Worksheet packet

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