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Welcome to the sixth grade Language Arts and Social Studies page! My name is Mrs. Veronica Reinhart, and this is my fifth year teaching at Sacred Heart. 

Below, you will find my blog. I have set this up to post exciting classroom news and any updates to policies, etc. Please check it regularly. Although I am posting the homework, it is still very important for the students to copy their homework each day. The homework will sometimes change, and these changes will be found on the homework board in class.

Please use the link below to check homework assignments:


Google Earth

Posted on September 21, 2017

In Social Studies the sixth graders have been studying the 5 themes of geography, latitude and longitude, and the tools of geographers. On Tuesday, they put what they have learned to the test. I gave them a list of coordinates that they had to input on Google Earth. They then had to explore the location, describe what they saw, and try to determine where they were. It was a very fun activity that they really enjoyed. Please ask them to tell you about it, if they haven’t already!

Online Vocabulary Games & Quizzes

Posted on September 28, 2016

Sadlier has a website that correlates with our vocabulary book. The website has games and practices quizzes to go with each unit. How fun! The students should be familiar with the site, as we use it in school. Be sure that the correct unit is selected and start playing/studying! It provides a fun way to study! Click the picture link below:


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