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Sixth Grade ELA & Social Studies: What to Expect

I will be teaching ELA to both sixth grade classes. ELA includes reading, writing, vocabulary workshop, and grammar. Students will be expected to read to determine meaning of text, use correct strategies to assist in comprehension and maintain a personal reading list to reflect reading goals and accomplishments. Each night the students are expected to read independently for approximately 45 minutes.  At the end of the week, they will have a writing assignment pertaining to their week’s reading. In addition, students are expected to observe the rules of punctuation, grammar, capitalization, and spelling. They will have proofreading, grammar and daily writing packets following a writing prompt.  Students will be taking a state assessment in ELA this year. This assessment will be given over a three day period in April/May2019.

I will also teach Social Studies to both sixth grade classes. The curriculum for this year will deal primarily with Ancient Civilizations. We will focus on early man and the development of ancient civilizations. We will study ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Through the use of projects, primary sources, art, and literature, students will learn how earlier cultures grew and thrived and how these civilizations have impacted our society today.





Parents & Students:


Social Studies: Globe Picture due 9/21

Test on Thursday 9/27

ELA: 4 Types of sentences due 9/21

Proofreading Packet due 9/21

Writing Prompt due 9/24

Quiz on 9/25 (parts of speech, sentence/sentence fragments, 4 types of sentences)

Reading: 45 mins of silent reading every day

Reader’s response due every Friday


Homework for the week of 10/29
-ELA worksheet due tomorrow
-Spelling homework due 11/7
-Spelling test 11/8
-packet due Friday
-storybird due Friday

-45 mins of silent reading (reader’s response)
-work on book report notes
-google slides presentation due Nov. 3rd
-book check (mystery) due Nov. 14th


Homework for the week of 11/5

Test on Nouns- Tuesday

Spelling Homework -Wednesday/ Test Thursday

packet due Friday

storybird due Friday


Reader’s Response/ 45 mins of silent reading due every Friday

Book Check due Nov. 14th



Homework for the week of Nov. 13th
-vocab pages due Thursday 11/15
-vocab Test Friday 11/16
-storybird due Friday
-ELA worksheet due tomorrow
-Hard as Nails essay due tonight


Reader’s Response due every Friday/ 45 mins of silent reading every night

-Book check due tomorrow Nov. 14th


Homework for the week of Nov. 26th ELA

-packet due Friday
-storybird due Friday
-ELA worksheet
-spelling 5x each due Friday (test Monday 12/3)
-vocab pages due 12/7 Vocab test 12/10

Homework for the week Nov. 26th Reading
-45 mins of silent reading every night/ Reader’s Response
-Book report due next Friday (12/7)
-critical thinking questions for Aaron’s gift due 11/27
-finish essay on Doris and Russell
-Reading Test on 11/30


Homework for the week of Dec. 3rd

-proofreading packet due Friday
-Vocab pages due Friday
-Vocab test Monday
-worksheet everyday

-Read Chapter 1 for Percy and annotate
-Book report due Friday
-Reader’s Response

Social Studies Test Thursday 12/6


Homework for the week of 12/10

-ELA packet

-blog assignment

-Spelling Test next Wed.

-Reader’s Response

-Percy Jackson annotation/reading/worksheets

-Social Chapter 2 sections 1,2,3,4,5


Homework for the week of Jan. 7th

-reading packet (J Ball) due tomorrow
-catholic schools week paragraph due tomorrow
-spelling homework due tomorrow (test Wednesday)
-study speeches (due in one month)
-Verbs Pop quiz sometime this week

-Reader’s Response due Friday
-Chapter 7 due Thursday (annotate)

Ancient Sumer Pop Quiz this week


Homework for 1/14/19

Reading- annotate Chapter 8 ; Test Thursday (Figurative Language and Elements of a story); POP quiz 5-9 next week; Reader’s Response

ELA- Packet due Friday; vocab due Tuesday/ test Wednesday, study speeches

Sign in as guest
-must be completed by Tuesday
-mark down questions on Loose leaf


Homework for 1/22


Chapter 9 annotations due Thursday
Reader’s Response due Friday
-pop quiz this week 5-9 study!



-reading packet annotate
-MLK essay due Thursday
-study speeches due 2/11
-storybird due Friday


Social Studies

Test 1/24
-finish review due tomorrow


Homework for the week of 1/28

-reading packet annotate and answer questions
-study speeches 2/11
-storybird due Sunday

Reader’s Response
-Percy Jackson vocab on Friday

Social Studies 

-Chapter 3

***all grades on option c have been updates, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions***

Week of 2/4/19

Social Studies- chapter 3 and paragraph due Thursday

Reading- Reader’s Response due Friday
-Percy Jackson annotations and questions due Friday
-weebly due Friday


-packet 1 due Wed.
packet 2 due Friday
-spelling hw due Monday, test Tuesday
-study speeches 2/11 (next week


Homework for the week of 2/11


-Reading packet with annotations and questions
-Vocab pages due the Monday after break (Vocab. Test Tues.)
-Spelling Test tomorrow
-MLK rewrite due tomorrow
-Pronouns test Wed.


-Reader’s Response due Friday
-Chapter 11 annotations and questions
-Mid book Test after break
-Vocab retake test Wed.

Social Studies

Chapter 3

***Speeches this week***

6th Grade: English Language Arts/ Social Studies

Posted on September 20, 2018

Hello Parents/Guardians!

My name is Sydney Shrinivas. My email is

This is my first year teaching at Sacred Heart School, but as an alumnae it feels so good to be back! I have my BA from St. John’s University and am currently in the process of obtaining my MA in Special Education. This page will be updated with important events, class assignments and any changes that may occur throughout the school year. If any child is struggling in a subject, I will offer extra help on Mondays after school as well as during any recess period upon request. 


Google Earth

Posted on September 21, 2017

In Social Studies the sixth graders have been studying the 5 themes of geography, latitude and longitude, and the tools of geographers. On Tuesday, they put what they have learned to the test. I gave them a list of coordinates that they had to input on Google Earth. They then had to explore the location, describe what they saw, and try to determine where they were. It was a very fun activity that they really enjoyed. Please ask them to tell you about it, if they haven’t already!

Online Vocabulary Games & Quizzes

Posted on September 28, 2016

Sadlier has a website that correlates with our vocabulary book. The website has games and practices quizzes to go with each unit. How fun! The students should be familiar with the site, as we use it in school. Be sure that the correct unit is selected and start playing/studying! It provides a fun way to study! Click the picture link below:


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