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Mrs. Veronica Reinhart ~ 6-1

Sixth Grade ELA & Social Studies


  • Bachelor of Arts – Communications and Media Studies 
    • Fordham University at Rose Hill ~ Bronx, NY
  • Master’s Degree – Childhood Education Grades 1-6 
    • Fordham University Graduate School of Education ~ New York, NY


The 2017-2018 school year marks my fifth year teaching at Sacred Heart. I taught fifth-grade language arts and social studies for three years, and I moved up to sixth-grade language arts and social studies last year. During the three years teaching fifth grade, I had the honor of guiding the students in writing their own books with Sacred Heart’s young author’s program. Before teaching here, I taught pre-k and then third grade at St. Mel’s in Flushing. 

While I do have my certification for grades one through six, I have decided to extend that certification to include early childhood as well. I am taking the last class that I need to reach that goal. I try to keep current and learn new teaching strategies and ideas in my subject areas by continuing professional development courses. 

Catholic education and community are essential to me, as I am a graduate of Sacred Heart and have been a parishioner here for my entire life. Being able to rejoin the school as part of the faculty was such a great opportunity, and I feel truly blessed to be teaching here. 


Parents & Students:

Please see my blog to keep up to date on exciting sixth grade news and events! You can keep up to date on homework assignments as well, however, students are still expected to copy their homework in class.

Please use the link below to check homework assignments:



Posted on May 15, 2018

In conjunction with the recent adjective unit, the sixth grade has been working diligently on a poetry unit. April is national poetry month, but we are still working. Here is a sample of the class cinquain poems. Take note of 6-2’s topic. It created some amusement!

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

6th Grade World Cup Projects 2018

Posted on May 6, 2018

The sixth graders at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy are participating in the second annual World Cup of soccer. Each class has been split up into three participating teams. They have been competing in phys ed class with Ms. Flynn. In addition to playing the games, each team had to complete other tasks to earn points. In reading & social studies class, they worked on their project task. For their book reports, each student had to read a book about the country they are representing. They had to complete a questionnaire using their books. They then came together with the other members of their team to continue researching and creating a “data disk” about their country. They collaborated so amazingly well. I am so impressed with their great work and their projects! Take a peek at our slideshow documenting their hard work! 

*Be sure to put it on full screen. 

Google Earth

Posted on September 21, 2017

In Social Studies the sixth graders have been studying the 5 themes of geography, latitude and longitude, and the tools of geographers. On Tuesday, they put what they have learned to the test. I gave them a list of coordinates that they had to input on Google Earth. They then had to explore the location, describe what they saw, and try to determine where they were. It was a very fun activity that they really enjoyed. Please ask them to tell you about it, if they haven’t already!

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