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Hi, my name is Nicole Nowak. Email: nbagatta@sacredheartbayside.org. This is my 5th year teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade math at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. I have my BA from Dominican College and my Masters from Concordia University. This page will provide information about class, assignments and events happening at school. Assignments are tentative and could change depending on class each day. There is always extra help if any student needs it. Extra help is available upon request and will take place during lunch recess up in the library. Please encourage your child to come and ask questions when they are struggling.

Spiral Review  Every week the students will receive a sheet that is a review of all old topics throughout the year and from years past that they should know at the grade level they are in. It has Monday-Thursday on the top and we will check over all 4 days on Friday. Every night they are responsible to finish only the day of the week it is in addition to their regular homework. These are not graded but they should be kept in a folder neat and organized. When it is time for the NYST these sheets are perfect to use to study old topics.

We will be using Mathletics in class, at home during breaks or long weekends for extra practice on topics we are currently covering and or material we have covered over the year since September. Mathletics is designed to follow along with the current topics we are learning. Use this for extra practice.

-Bring in Box Tops

6th grade

Chapter 13 Vocabulary due Wednesday

WB. p.245

Chapter 13 Vocabulary quiz Friday

7th grade

Vocabulary for Chapter 12 and 13 is due Tuesday 6/5

Vocabulary quiz Friday

Tuesday: Worksheet for Probability

8th grade

Create a Math Game Project: This is done in groups or alone in class and at home due June 8th.







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