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Mrs. Vanessa Marino –  4th through 8th Grade Spanish / 7th Grade Religion




Hola! Me llamo Senora Marino I am the 4th through 8th Grade Spanish teacher and the 7th Grade Religion teacher.  Prior to teaching at SHCA, I was a foreign language tutor at both Hunter College and NYU. In recent years I expanded my education to teach Foreign Language at the elementary school level.

I’m a Duolingo certified educator and have incorporated Duolingo into our curriculum. Duolingo is our online Spanish classroom in which the students practice Spanish within different skill sets. 

I am trilingual  – fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. ( and can get by in French if the need should arise!)

Speaking Spanish is very important in our multicultural society and increasingly globalized world. The students will have an advantage in being able to communicate in Spanish, which is the second most commonly spoken language in the world after English!!

Homework will be posted on Google Classroom along with the homework board in class.

Each student is expected to copy their homework and any reminders into their homework assignment pads daily. Homework may change and the correct information will always be found in the assignment pad and Google Classroom.




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