Kindergarten Newsletter Week of April 8th

Last week, we finished the alphabet. April 17th is a half day with an 11:30 dismissal. After school will not be available.

Now, we will begin to study about short vowels. This week we will be studying about the short a sound. The short a sound is in the words cat, cab, fan, dad and many other words. Children will be able to blend the sounds of short a words to figure out what the words are.

On Fridays going forward, the children will have spelling tests. The words for the test will always be given on Monday. We will practice these words in school during the week. The words on the test this week will consist of 6 short a words and 3 sight words. Two words will be new words and one word will be a word the children have learned already. The two sight word for this week are “said” and “want”. This week’s spelling words are: 1) cat 2) bat 3) van 4) fan 5) sad 6) dad 7) said 8) want. For the test I will say the word, say the word in the sentence and repeat the word again.  

In reading this week our concept is on the move. The essential question is “What can help you go from here to there?” The main story this week is When Daddy’s Truck Picks Me Up Jana Novotny Hunter and illustrated by Carol Thompson. The vocabulary words that we will be discussing are journey, transportation, vehicle, wide, fierce. We will listen to an interactive read aloud called The King of the Winds.

Our math assessment for chapter 7 is scheduled for April 16th. This week we will be finishing the math chapter. We will be learning about the numbers 16, 17, 18 and 19.

Last week in religion we talked about the three days prior to Easter. This week we will be talking about Easter. Easter is when we celebrate Jesus’ new life.

On Monday and Thursday we will have physical education. On Tuesday we will have music and computer. On Wednesday we will have art and library. Please make sure your child returns their library book so they can take out a new book. 

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is always collecting box tops for education. Please remember to cut the box top off items. When you get a bunch please send them into school. It helps our school earn money. Remember you can also earn an incentive. Thank you for your support.


Monday April 8th

Math: Pages 141 & 142

Notebook: Spelling Words 5x

Phonics: Worksheet


Tuesday April 9th

Math: Pages 143 & 144

Notebook: Spelling Words 5x

Phonics: Worksheet


Wednesday April 10th

Math: Pages 145 & 146

Notebook: Spelling Words 5x

Phonics: Worksheet


Thursday April 11th

Math: Pages 147 & 148

Notebook: Sight Words

Phonics/Reading: Story