Kindergarten Week of April 15th

            We have a short week of school. Wednesday is a half day with an 11:30 dismissal. After school is not available. Next week we do not have school. We will resume on April 29th. May 3rd is a half day with an 11:30 dismissal. After school is available. If you have not yet returned your child’s permission slip for the movie theater field trip and the farm trip please do so by Wednesday. Even if your child will not be attending the permission slip still needs to be submitted. Last week Mrs. Stokes came to our class and did a lesson on personal space. She taught them that they have an imaginary bubble around them, and they should not enter someone’s bubble.

            Last week the children took their first spelling test. They did great for the first test! In your child’s folder today you will find the test. Please sign and return it tomorrow. This will be the procedure each week they have a spelling test. 

In reading this week we will continue with our concept on the move. The essential question is “What can help you go from here to there?” The main story this week is When Daddy’s Truck Picks Me Up Jana Novotny Hunter and illustrated by Carol Thompson. The vocabulary words that we will be discussing are journey, transportation, vehicle, wide, fierce. We will listen to an interactive read aloud called The King of the Winds.

On Tuesday the children will have their chapter 7 assessment. The lessons were sent home and we have been reviewing. Please review at home with your child the numbers 11-19.

This week in science we will be talking about Earth Day. We will be discussing ways we can save the Earth. This year Earth Day is April 22nd.

On Monday we will have physical education. On Tuesday we will have music and computer. On Wednesday we will have art and library. Please make sure your child returns their library book. All books need to be returned before vacation.  

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is always collecting box tops for education. Please remember to cut the box top off items. When you get a bunch please send them into school. It helps our school earn money. Remember you can also earn an incentive. Thank you for your support.


I hope you and your family have a blessed and joyous Easter!


Monday April 15th

Notebook: Write 3 sentences using short a words and sight words

Example not to be used: I see a cat.

Math: Review worksheet & Test tomorrow

Read for 15 minutes


Tuesday April 16th

Phonics: Worksheet

Read for 15 minutes