Kindergarten Week of April 1st

            Before you know it the end of the school year will here. I want to let you know the Kindergarten graduation is scheduled for June 17th. I do not know the time a of yet, but it will be a morning event. This will be the last day for the students. This Friday is a half day with an 11:30 dismissal. After school is available if you need.

This week we finish the alphabet with the letter Z. We will be doing many different activities to recognize the capital and lowercase letter and the sound of the letter Z. Our art project for the letter will be a zebra. For show and tell on Friday, please bring in something that starts with the letter Z. Starting next week we will begin to dive into working on short vowels.

This week in math we will learn about the numbers 15, 16, and 17. We will listen to word problems and solve them. To help us solve the word problems we will draw pictures. Our chapter seven math test is scheduled for April 16th.

In reading this week our concept is animal habitats. The essential question is “Where do animals live?” The main story this week is The Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson illustrated by Jane Chapman. The vocabulary words that we will be discussing are habitat, complain, wild, join, and stubborn. We will listen to an interactive read aloud called Aunt Nancy.

Sight words are words that will help your child read. When they see these words, they will need to recognize them. This week the two sight words are “away” and “help”. On Friday I will assess the children on these two words. Please make sure you are reviewing all the words we have learned daily with your child. 

This week in religion we will be learning about the three days before Easter; Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. During these three days we celebrate how much Jesus loves us. Holy Thursday is when the Last Supper occurred. Good Friday is when Jesus was crucified to the cross. Holy Saturday is the last day of Lent.

On Monday we will have physical education. On Tuesday we will have music and computer. On Wednesday we will have art and library. Please make sure your child returns their library book so they can take out a new book. 

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is always collecting box tops for education. Please remember to cut the box top off items. When you get a bunch please send them into school. It helps our school earn money. Remember you can also earn an incentive. Thank you for your support.


Monday April 1st

Notebook: Letter Z

Math: Pages 135 & 136



Tuesday April 2nd

Notebook: Letter z

Math: Pages 137 & 138


Wednesday April 3rd

Notebook: Sight words

Math: Pages 139 & 140


Thursday April 4th

Phonics: Sight Word Worksheet

Math: Pages 141 & 142

Show and tell tomorrow