Kindergarten Week of June 11th

Thank you to everyone who joined us last week for career day. The children learned a about many different careers. It’s hard believe this is the last full week of school. Kindergarten’s graduation will be Tuesday June 19th at 8:45 in the gym. After, we will proceed to the church hall across the street for some refreshments. This will be their last day of school.
This week on Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs. Peiser will be having a book sale. She will be selling used books for 50 cents each. On Thursday the children will have field day. More information will be coming on this fun day for the children.
For Math this week, the children will know the count sequence when counting to 50 and 100 by ones and tens. Vocabulary words: fifty and one hundred.
In reading this week we will continue with our concept stormy weather. The essential question is “How can you stay safe in bad weather?” The main story this week is Waiting Out the Storm by Joann Early Macken and illustrated by Susan Gaber. We will listen to a read a loud called Rainbow Crow. The vocabulary words that we will be discussing are prepare, safe, enough, celebration, and notice. This week we will be reviewing the sounds for the letters R, B, and L.
This week we will focus on the short u sound. Some short u words are tub, bug, nut. When children see three to four letter words with short vowels sounds they should be able to recognize the word right away. On Friday, we will have show and tell. Please bring in an item that has the short u sound.
This week we will not learn any new sight words. Each child will be assessed on all the sight words we have learned, being able to recognize the capital and lowercase letter and the sound for each letter.
In Religion, the children will learn that Jesus was a teacher and a helper when he grew up. He taught many people and was kind, good, and caring.
On Monday we will have physical education. Tuesday, we will have music, art, and Espanol.
Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is always collecting box tops for education. Please remember to cut the box top off items. When you get a bunch please send them into school. It helps our school earn money. Thank you for your support.

Monday June 11th
Phonics: Worksheet
Math: Pages 157 and 158

Tuesday June 12th
Phonics: Worksheet
Math: Pages 159 and 160

Wednesday June 13th
Phonics/Reading: Read, color, and write six short u words from the story
Math: Pages 161 and 162

Thursday June 14th
Phonics/Notebook: Write 3 sentences in your homework notebook using short u and sight words
Math: Pages 163 and 164
Show and tell tomorrow short u