Kindergarten Week of September 10th

Today we begin our first full of school. We have been very busy already getting used to our routine, learning rules and starting our academics. Every week you will get a newsletter. This will inform you of things we have done, upcoming things and the homework schedule for the week. If you ever misplace the newsletter during the week, it is always posted on the school website, so you can check there. I’m looking forward to meeting you all on September 12th at 7:00 for back to school night.
Our class special schedule will be as follows. Monday is physical education with Ms. Flynn (and every other Thursday). Tuesday is music with Ms. Jessica, Wednesday is art with Mrs. Waranis, and library with Mrs. Pieser. On the days that we have physical education, please make sure that you dress your child in sneakers. If they are not wearing sneakers Ms. Flynn will not let them participate.
Last week we began our unit All About Me. We started by reading a story called I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont. After reading this story we talked about how each child is different. We made a list of the different students who have certain eye colors and hair colors.
The first thing that we learned last week was to hold a pencil properly to begin to learn how to write our names properly. Please at home practice with your child how to hold a pencil and write their name. They should begin with a capital letter and the rest of the letters lowercase. Remind your child when they write to always write top to bottom (they heard me say this in the classroom).
The letter of the week is A. We will be doing many different activities to recognize the capital and lowercase letter and the sound of the letter A. Our art project for the letter will be an alligator. Every Friday we will have show and tell. For show and tell on Friday, please bring in something that starts with the letter A.
We will begin chapter one in math. In this chapter the children will learn how to show, count, and write the numbers 0-5 in number and word form. This week we will focus on how to model and count the numbers 1-4. The vocabulary words that will be taught are one, two, three, four and match.
In reading this week our concept is, making new friends. The essential question is “How can we get along with new friends?” The main story this week is What About Bear by Suzanne Bloom. The vocabulary words that we will be discussing are friend, problem, rescue, grasped and escaped. We will listen to an interactive read aloud called The Lion and the Mouse. This week we will be working on the sound for the letter Mm.
This week in religion we will discuss that God made the world and that he made all things good. One thing that God made that we will learn about this week is light. At home during family time you can look around for things that God made for us and talk about it.
Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is always collecting box tops for education. Please remember to cut the box top off items. When you get a bunch please send them into school. It helps our school earn money. Thank you for your support.

Homework Schedule for the Week
Monday September 10th
Math: Pages 3 & 4 and cover book with clear contact paper
Writing: Name worksheet Trace and write

Tuesday September 11th
Math: Pages 5 & 6
Notebook: Trace & write your name 2 times

Wednesday September 12th
Math: Pages 7 & 8
Notebook: Letter A

Thursday September 13th
Math: Pages 9 & 10
Notebook: a
Show and tell tomorrow Letter A