Mrs. Cooke’s Weekly Letter

October 10, 2017
Dear families,
Today I had the honor of going into a classroom to give back a test. This test was on the scientific method, but that is not really important to the story. As students, we sometimes get the feeling that no matter how much I try, no matter how much I study, I just will never get one of the top marks in the class- you know that self-talk that says “I am NOT a math(science, social studies) person Well, my story today proves that wrong! You see I always believe in the art of studying. Not just looking over notes the day before the test, but really studying- making a study sheet days before the test, going over notes each and every night, writing down key ideas. Now that takes time and effort, but in the end it is well worth it. That is what was proven today with that science test. The student who took the test put in a considerable amount of time and effort preparing for that test and in the end it proved to be productive- I was able to give him a paper with one of the highest grades in the class! It was amazing to see his face, the pride that he felt, I was so happy for him. Today he taught his classmates a valuable lesson….the importance of preparing in advance for assessments and that hard work does pay off! The take away for us, as parents/guardians, is to help our children with their studying, not just going over the spelling words the night before, but taking five words per night and learning them, using them in a sentence, the “old” say the word, spell the word, and say it again. Hey, that worked for us!
Our pretzel sale is coming to an end, so if you have not settled your account, please do so ASAP. If you need/want more pretzels, send in a request and we will see what we can do.
Today was deployment day for our Chromebooks in our junior high. Our teachers used Google classroom last year and it was very successful, and several of our faculty are now Google Educator certified. I am so excited for this launch and to see all the wonderful things they can do using this device. We are really teaching and modeling 21st century skills.
The food drive originated by Celeste Marerro is going strong. A family of a graduate works for Jet Blue and Jet Blue is currently flying into PR. They have agreed to take the food that we are collecting on their flights to PR. This way you know that it will get into the hands of the people on the ground. I want to thank Celeste for this project.
Another of our graduates, Vincent LaGrotta is doing a collection for Bridge for Life. This is part of his service project as an Honor student at Saint Mary’s High School. There will be a box in the lobby of the school with any donations you may have. In addition to what Vincent is collecting Catie Mohan (8th grade) is collecting children’s book for her Girl Scout award. There will be a box for books as well. Writing about this proves to me that Sacred Heart is a special place where that drive to serve others is so deeply engrained that it continues years later- We really are a school of “Academic Excellence in a Tradition of Service”.
Our Walk- a- Thon is October 19th, your child will not be able to walk without a permission slip and the donation. Remember that every step we take gets our ladies bathroom, in the old building, repaired- YEAH!
As you have heard, Father Tom Brosnan is leaving Sacred Heart Parish after 12 years of faith filled service to each and every one of us. There will be a farewell reception in the Church Hall on Sunday, October 21 after the 5PM mass. Please make every effort to stop by and share a story with Father. More details will follow.
On October 13th we will mark the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Mary to the shepherd children at Fatima Portugal. The Blessed Virgin under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary appeared on six occasions in 1917, and a seventh time in 1920. As important as the place and the time is the situation of the world. At that moment the First World War raged in Europe, introducing mankind to the most savage forms of warfare seen to that date. In far off Moscow Lenin prepared the revolution that would overturn the Russian social order in November 1917 and eventually engulf almost half the peoples of the earth. It was in that context that heaven came to earth to provide the antidote to the moral and social evils of the world – the message of Fatima. The message was simple yet so profound- Pray the Rosary every day for the end of the war and for peace in the world. That same message is relevant today The Power of Prayer to Change anything.
Please give your child the gift of prayer, it is really all that we have control over. Prayer can be real simple, a conversation. As you start out in the car “Father protect us and keep us safe”, before bed “Thank you Father for the gift of today” Never underestimate the Power of Prayer.
As always, thank you for choosing to share your children with us, we will do our best to keep them safe and let them know that they are loved while they are in our care. God Bless us all.


Mary Anne Cooke