Mrs Cooke’s Weekly Letter

February 14, 2018
Dear families,
Today is a very interesting day! It is Ash Wednesday which marks that start of lent, a time of fasting, penance and almsgiving and Valentine’s Day which is a day to eat as much candy as possible. Imagine these two very different events on the same day. Well how about this…you cannot spell VaLENTine without LENT…… Truth be told, I did not come up with this all by myself, it was a cartoon in the Tablet this week, but something that I never noticed before-HUMMMMMM
Today we had the regional math bee, I am happy to tell you that Natalie Huang our 7th grader has moved on to the Diocesan Math Bee at the end of the month. Congratulations to her and to Mrs. Nowak.
Please join us this Thursday evening in the Church hall of our school wide science fair. Grades 4-8 will present their projects from 7-8PM. Come down and see the work of our talented scientists.
Yesterday we had a special presentation from the Cradle of Aviation, they came with a mobile planetarium. The children in grades 2-5 had an opportunity to enjoy the stars and the sky in this state of the art planetarium. Students in grades kindergarten and first were treated to a special presentation of living in space. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event.
If anyone is interested, we have five (5) boxes of chocolate covered pretzels left, if you want to purchase a box, just let us know. It will be on a first come first served basis.
I have been totally engaged watching the Olympics these past few days. Yesterday I watched Chole Kim take Gold in the Women’s snowboarding. I have to tell you, I noticed how each participant, regardless of the country they represented were to each other. There seemed to be this great comradery between the athletes. Watching this gives me hope for our world. I am eagerly waiting for the finals of my new favorite sport curling.
On Monday, I received a donation of two bags of trains from one of our kindergarten students, Brady Donnelly. He was not using the trains at home any longer and wanted to send them to us so that other children could enjoy them. What a sweet thing to do. Thank you Brady for sharing your trains with the children of your school, now everyone can have fun!
This vacation could not come fast enough for any of us! It is my hope that each of you will rest and recuperate from the “bug” that has been around. I will be resting from a balcony room on my way to Honduras, Belize and Mexico. I am counting on that sun to make everything better.
Have a wonderful week.
Maryann Cooke