November Letter From Mrs. Conlan


Good Morning,

November is here and we are starting the path to winter.  Please make sure your children are wearing the appropriate uniform for the rest of winter. If you have not received your skirt, blue  (girls’) or gray (boys’) pants please let me know. FlynnO’Hara have said they only have a few more orders left to fill. It is starting to get cool outside. On cold days make sure your children are dressed warmly. We will be taking them out until it gets too cold. 

Congratulations to our Eighth graders for having completed the TACHS exam. I am so happy for them as they look to the future. Any High School would be lucky to have our students attending. 

Don’t forget to donate for the Thanksgiving food collection. Students were assigned, by grade,  food to bring in. Check for Mrs. Kaouris’  email listing those items. We are almost done collecting candy for the veterans. Thank you to all who were able to do so. 

Our Lunch program has started on a limited basis. We are starting with lunch on Tuesdays and moving forward from there. The children who ordered seemed to have enjoyed their chicken pita with fries. We will continue adding to the lunch in December. The December order form will be out next week. 

On November 1st we celebrated All Saints Day. Our children watched the mass from their classrooms. Today, November 10th we have been asked to participate in celebrating the traveling Statue of Fatima at church. Grades 4 – 8 will be attending Mass at 11 AM. It will only be for our students.  

IReady is being used regularly in the classrooms with teacher programmed instruction. Your children are working on My Path two times a week. Once in Reading and once in Math. This is one more tool in bridging the learning gaps we have seen since the lockdown. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Spordone. NYS State parent reports will be out shortly. 

Remember to fill out the Daily Health Survey in the morning. We are almost at 100% of families responding. Mrs. Kaouris will call if you have not completed the online form.

 Please speak to your children regarding appropriate behavior during recess. We’ve had many trips to the nurse and complaints from parents regarding unnecessary roughness. Some classes have had equipment taken away because of this. All must play safely and respectfully with each other.  Children who are not mindful of how their manner of play or language affects others will lose their recess privileges and parents will be notified. 

The Academy is currently participating in the COGNIA self study. This is similar to the Middle States process that was done years ago. The only difference will be that this one will be completely virtual. More information will be given out regarding parent participation that is required. There will be some surveys given out to our students, parents and teachers to assist us in developing the self study further.

The November calendar is listed below. 

 November 10th  – Mass at 11 AM Grades 4 – 8

November 11th – Veterans Day School closed

November 12th – School Closed  Teacher PD

November 19th – Picture Day

November 24th – ½ Day no Afterschool

November 25th – Thanksgiving Day

November 26th – School Closed

Any questions please contact me. 



Mrs. Conlan