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Ms. Flynn

MA – Physical Education

The goal of physical education is to allow all students to develop the knowledge and skills to manage regular, lifelong physical activity to help ensure a healthy and productive life.  Sacred Heart Catholic Academy Physical Education offers an age appropriate curriculum that bolsters an understanding of a variety of activities that emphasize knowledge, competence, fitness, cooperation and skill development.  Physical education involves the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of your child.  A Latin phrase says it best, Sana mens in corpora sano, which means a sane mind and a healthy body.  Please encourage your child to be active everyday!


Why is Exercise Important?                                                How much physical activity should children get?

-Helps prevent diseases                                                               -60 minutes a day according to the CDC

-Improves stamina                                                                        -Age appropriate activities

-Improves quality of life                                                                -Expose to wide variety of physical activity

-Strengthen and tones                                                                  -Teach skills to help maintain lifetime health

-Controls weight                                                                            -Encourage goal setting to see improvements

-Enhances flexibility                                                                     -Focus feedback on process not product


Physical Education Class Rules

  1. Children must be wearing sneakers in order to participate. Sneakers with shoelaces or Velcro ONLY.  No slip on sneakers will be permitted.
  2. No jewelry.
  3. Children must participate in all class activities.
  4. If you wish your child to be excused from class, a written note is required to explain the situation. If the child is excused for more than two consecutive classes, a doctors note is required.  For extended absences a doctors note is required for your child to return to class.
  5. HAVE FUN!!

What’s going on in P.E.?



Welcome Back!

In the Junior High school classes we are starting the year with a Badminton unit.  Students have been learning the rules, scoring and strokes of this lifetime sport before we begin our double elimination class tournaments!  We are definitely looking forward to some competitive games!

In grades 3-5 we have been focusing on group and cooperative games.  We have played games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors Battle, Adventure Bingo, Cross the River and Cone Down.  In the next few classes we expect to play Pyramid Battle, Castlebuilder, Sink the Ship, Bounce Brigade and if the weather holds up we can get outside for some kickball!



In the K-2 classes we have been working on important skills through fun games such as locomotor movements and spatial awareness.  Locomotor movements are movements where the body travels through space from one location to another.  Locomotor movements primarily use the feet for support however, the body can travel on other parts such as the hands and feet.  Spatial awareness is the ability to be aware of oneself in space.  It is an organised knowledge of objects in relation to oneself in that given space.  Spatial awareness also involves understanding the relationship of these objects when there is a change of position.