PK 4 All and 3K Return to Sacred Heart!!

PK 4 aLL


We have exciting news regarding the city 3K and PK 4 All  programs. 

Sacred Heart has been added to the list of School providers for the NYC 3K and PK 4 All program in 2022 – 2023. The 3K program is open for registration until April 14th. The link to register is If you have not already done so, please set up an account and choose Sacred Heart Bayside (26QAEQ). It is important that the correct code is chosen. There are many Sacred Heart schools listed. 

If you are not registered with this site you will not be able to join the program. 

If you have a child entering the PK 4 All program you must wait until you receive your acceptance letter and then transfer your first choice to Sacred Heart.The code for the school is the same, Sacred Heart Bayside (26QAEQ). There may be another opportunity to register your child in the spring if you did not register on their site.

I am thrilled to bring you this news and I hope you are happy to hear it as well. Please share this information with anyone who has children that can go into that program. 

Please contact Mrs. Conlan if you have any questions.