Mrs. Wunsch’s Weekly News Letter February 11, 2019

Posted on October 1, 2017

Dear Parent,

This week we will continue our sixth Unit of Study: Light.  This week we will be focusing on:  What is darkness?

Some new vocabulary words for this week are: clouds, dark, nocturnal, horizontal, night, diurnal, opaque, shade, sunglasses, translucent, vertical.

Family Engagement: We are asking the children to create their own version of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” This will be due Monday, February 25.

Standards: PK.ATL.3: Approaches tasks, activities and problems with creativity, imagination and/or willingness to try new experiences or activities..    PK.PDH.1: Uses senses to assist and guide learning. PK.PHD.9:  Demonstrates awareness and understanding of safety rules. PK.CLL.5: (Approaches to Communication) Demonstrates a growing receptive vocabulary. PK.CLL.4: (Reading Standard for Literature) Exhibits curiosity and interest in learning new vocabulary. PK.CLL.4: Demonstrates his/her ability to express ideas using a variety of methods. PK.CKW.2:(Operation and Algebraic Thinking) Duplicate and extend simple patterns using concrete objects. PK.CKW.4:(Science) Observes and describes characteristics of earth and space. PK.CKW.3:(Social Studies) Demonstrates knowledge of the relationships between people, places and regions. PK.CKW.1:(The Arts) Expresses oneself and represents what he/she knows, thinks, believes and feels through visual arts. PK.CKW.5: Participates in a variety of dramatic play activities to represent fantasy and real life experiences.

Some important dates to remember:

Next Thursday is St. Valentine’s Day.  We would like to celebrate the day with a special snack.  Anyone wishing to send in a treat for the children please have it in by Wednesday, February 13. If you send in cards, please do not put any names on the outside of the cards.  We are 18 in number.

School will be closed from February 18-22.  Classes resume on February 25.

Children’s book orders will be due by February 13. LHHL

 Anyone interested in sharing a story with the children, please let us know.  Mystery Readers make the children’s exposure to literature an enjoyable experience.

The children were very proud of the cars they created as part of our Transportation Unit.  Each car was created using their imagination.

The children will be taking home their habitat projects. In the morning when you drop off your child you may take them home. 

Please remember to update your child’s change of clothes.  Some children have only summer clothing in their bins.

Have a great week!  Enjoy you vacation!

Mrs. Marion Wunsch        Mrs. Flor Rojas          



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