Mrs. Wunsch’s Weekly News Letter June 11, 2018

Posted on October 1, 2017

Dear Parents:

This week we will continue our tenth Unit of Study:”Transformation”. Throughout this unit we will be focusing on the following questions: “How objects can change? and What kind of changes happen around me?”

Some vocabulary words for this week are: after, bigger, birth, butterfly, camouflage, caterpillar, chrysalis, combine, cocoon, continue, darker, cycle, egg, develop, disguise, evaporate, freeze, grow, harder, inches, less, lighter, magnify, more, newer, off, older, purpose, recycle, re-purpose, reuse, shrink, smaller, softer, stages.

***Family Engagement Project:”Thank you for all your help this year helping your child create the Family Engagement projects.  We will be using our countdowns this week.

***Some special dates:

Monday, June 11 is a Professional Development Day for Pre-K Teachers.  There will be NO CLASSES this day.

next week:

Monday June 18 and Tuesday June 19 are full days of school for Pre – K

Wednesday June 20 is an 11:30 dismissal.

****Our Closing Ceremony will be on Thursday, June 21 at 9:00 in our classroom.  Refreshments will follow immediately in Mrs. Lake’s Room.  Thank you to all who plucked a leaf off our “Giving Tree”.

Friday June 22 is our last day of school; 10:30 dismissal.

Some Pre-K standards addressed  in this unit: PK.ATL.1: Actively and confidently engages in play as a means of exploration and learning. PK.ATL.3: Approaches tasks, activities, and problems with creativity, imagination and willingness to try new experiences or activities. PK.SED.2: Regulates his/her responses to needs, feelings and events. PK.SED.7: Adapts to change.  PK.CLL.1:(Speaking and Listening) With guidance and support, participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about pre-kindergarten topics and texts with peers and adults in small and large groups.   PK.CKW1: Mathematics (Measurement and Data)Identify measurable attributes of objects such as length and weight.Describe them using correct vocabulary (e.g. small, big, short, tall, full and light). PK.CKW.1: Math(Operations and Algebraic Thinking) Demonstrates an understanding of addition and subtraction using objects, fingers, and responding to practical situations. PK.CKW.2:  (Geometry): Create and build shapes from components (sticks and clay balls). PK.CKW.5:(Science) Observe and describes characteristics of living things. PK.CKW:4:(Social Studies) Develop an understanding of how people and things change over time and how to relate past events to their present and future. PK.CKW.5: (The Arts) Participate in a variety of dramatic play activities to represent fantasy and real life experiences.   PK.CKW.5: (Technology) Uses the knowledge of technology to increase learning. 

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Marion Wunsch     Mrs. Flor Rojas



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