Mrs. Wunsch’s Weekly News Letter April 15, 2019

Posted on October 1, 2017

Dear Parent,

This week we will continue our eighth Unit of Study: Plants.  This week we will be exploring the question: What plants need? and, Where do we find them?

Some new vocabulary words for this week are:botanist, bouquet, courtyard, environment, farm, field, farmers, forest, forester, floral arrangement, florist, gardener, ground, landscape, lawn, nature, nursery, park, patio, terrarium, vegetation, yard.

Standards: PK.ATL.5: Demonstrates persistence.   PK.PDH.5: Demonstrates eye/hand coordination and dexterity to manipulate objects. PK.CLL.2: (Approaches to Communication) Demonstrates he/she is building background knowledge. PK.CLL.:3: Demonstrates that he/she understands what they observe. PK.CLL.6: Demonstrates a growing expressive vocabulary. PK.CLL.1: (Reading Standard for Informational Text) With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about details in a text.  PK.CLL.7: With prompting and support, students will engage in a picture walk to make connections between self, illustrations, and the story. PK.CLL.1:(Language Standard) Demonstrates a command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing and speaking. PK.CKW.1:(Mathematics) (Measurement and Data) Identify measurable attributes of objects such as length and weight. Describe them using correct vocabulary (e.g. small, big, short, tall, full, light).PK.CKW.2: (Operations and Algebraic Thinking) Duplicate and extend simple patterns using concrete objects. PK.CKW.5:(Science) Observes and describes characteristics of living things. PK.CKW.2:(The Arts)  Responds and reacts to visual arts created by themselves and others.  PK.CKW.5:(Technology) Uses knowledge of technology to increase learning.

Some important dates to remember:

#### April 17, is a half day of school for all children.  This is an 11:30 dismissal. There will be NO After School this day.

School will be closed from April 18-28.  Classes will resume on Monday, April 29.

###Wednesday, May 8, is a Professional Development Day for the Pre-K Staff.  There will be NO Pre-K this day.


 Anyone interested in sharing a story with the children, please let us know.  Mystery Readers make the children’s exposure to literature an enjoyable experience.

Have a blessed Easter and a restful vacation!

Mrs. Marion Wunsch        Mrs. Flor Rojas          



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