Mrs. Wunsch’s Weekly News Letter December 10, 2018

Posted on October 1, 2017

Dear Parent,


This week we will continue our fourth Unit of Study: Where We Live.  This week we will be focusing on: Where do people and animals live?

Some new vocabulary words for this week are: pet, habitat, hibernate, nest, den, burrow, hive, bedroom, upstairs, downstairs.

****FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Where Do I Live booklet due by Friday December 14.

Standards:PK.ATL.5: Demonstrates persistence. PK.SED.1: Recognizes himself/herself as a unique  his/her responses to needs, feelings and events.individual having his/her own abilities, characteristics, feelings and   PK.PDH.3: Demonstrates coordination and control of large muscles. PK.CLL.1: (Approaches to Communication) Demonstrates that they are motivated to communicate. PK.CLL.3: (Reading Standard for Literature) With prompting and support ask and answer questions about characters and major events in a story. PK.CLL.4: Demonstrates his/her ability to express ideas using a variety of methods. PK.CKW.1: (Geometry) Analyse dimensional shapes and objects in different sizes, using informal language to describe their similarities and differences and other attributes. PK.CKW.1:(Social Studies) Develops basic awareness of self as an individual, self within context of family and self within context of community. PK.CKW.3: Demonstrates knowledge of the relationships between people, places and regions. PK.CKW.1:(The Arts) Expresses oneself and represents what he/she knows, thinks, believes and feels through visual arts. PK.CKW.5: Participates in a variety of dramatic play activities to represent fantasy and real life experiences.

Religion  classes classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:10-8:25.

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday December, 13.  The children will be dismissed at 11:30 this day.  There will be after school available for those families who need it.  A conference time schedule will be sent out Monday.

On Thursday December 20, we would like to have a small celebration with the children for Christmas.  Anyone wishing to send in goodies for this day, please let us know.  Thank you!

Friday December 21 is a half day of school for all.  There will be NO AFTER SCHOOL this day.


           Please begin to practice with your child the writing of their name – first letter capital, the rest lower case. Also please help your child learn how to put on their coat.  Please put your child’s name inside their coats. As the weather gets cooler the children need to be dressed for outside recess temperatures.

Busy month!  Santa will be watching us all !!!!!

Have a  wonderful week!  

Mrs. Marion Wunsch        Mrs. Flor Rojas          



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