Pre-K 2’s News Round-Up for the Week of June 17, 2019

Can you believe that this is our last newsletter! All too soon we must end our school year! On behalf of Mrs. Romanello, Mrs. La Tempa, Mrs. Lutsky and myself, I would like to thank each of you for entrusting your child to our care this year. It has been a busy and exciting year and all of the children have grown so much! It has been our pleasure to guide them and share with them the exciting adventures of Pre-K; we will miss each and every one of our children! We wish our alumni a wonderful summer vacation and all the best in Kindergarten, wherever they may be! Remember to watch for our butterflies in your garden this summer and remember what fun we had raising and releasing them! A great big “Thank You!!!” to our two wonderful class parents, Mrs. Stacey Capeleris and Mrs. Rosemary Cipriani Sklar for all the help you provided throughout the year, you have truly made my job a little easier! Also a huge “Thank You!!!” to all our many Mystery Readers, the children loved the anticipation and excitement of guessing who it would be and truly enjoyed each of the stories you have shared with us!

Step Up Ceremony Information:

Please bring your child directly to the classroom at 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday; they will not need their backpacks. You may also drop off your party supplies at this time (remember: 18 children + parents and guests) and then please leave. We will need a few minutes to toilet the children and prepare them for their procession into the gym.

Parents and guests may enter the gym at 8:45 a.m. to find seats.

Children should wear comfortable, light clothes as the gym and the classroom will be warm. No loose shoes or long dresses on girls please as we must use the stairs and these items are a tripping hazard; no loose shoes on boys and please no suits that will be too uncomfortable in the heat, thanks.

The children will process in and up the center aisle; please remain in your seats so as not to frighten the children, thank you.

After the ceremony is completed children will process back to our classroom and will be seated at a table waiting your arrival. There will be whatever light refreshments parents have supplied arranged about the room.

Before you leave the school, please remember to take your child’s goody bag and transitional bucket along with the folder that contains your child’s certificate. You should also take your child’s work off the walls and bulletin boards to keep as cherished mementos of your child’s educational beginnings and the fun you had working together on some of these items.

Please do not bring in balloons/balloon bouquets as they are a hazard with the fans we will be using, thank you in advance.

After the party, children will leave with their parents; we should be done by 11:30 at the latest.

Once again, thank you for this opportunity to work with and get to know your child; each one of my students always holds a special place in my heart and a special, wonderful memory. Enjoy your summer!


Mrs. Lake

Enjoy Your Summer!!