Pre-K2’s News Round-Up for the Week of Nov. 4, 2019

A Note to Parents:

Thank you to everyone for coming to our Fall Festival and making such a great success! The children had a wonderful time and I hope you did as well!

Please note a few important dates:
1. November 8, Friday – Pre-K for All is open although the rest of the school is not; we have a full day. Early drop off available, NO AFTERSCHOOL TODAY.
2. November 11, Monday – Sacred Heart and Pre-K for All closed for Veteran’s Day;
3. November 18, Monday – Pre-K for All closed for teacher professional development;
4. November 27, Wednesday – Pre-K for All has an 11:30 dismissal, school is then closed for Thanksgiving until Monday, December 2.

At dismissal, please wait in the courtyard, not on the step, by the door and we will dismiss your child right after Nursery class is finished. If you will be using After School, please let us know at drop off in the morning. Drop off is from 8:10 through 8:25 am from the 217th Street entrance and pick up is at 2:45 pm from the same entrance. Please remember at drop off to put your child’s folder in the orange bin and the office papers in the red tray next to it. Every child should have a folder with their name on it. Please remember to label all backpacks, water bottles, blankets, folders, and clothes with your child’s name. If you have not already done so, please bring in a complete change of clothes for your child in a labeled, Ziploc bag.

Once in the classroom, please help your child wash their hands before signing in; after sign-in they may play at any of the puzzles or table top toys left out for this purpose. Remember if you wish to provide a substitute meal for your child, this is a nut free classroom therefore no foods with nuts, Nutella, or other nut products may be brought into the classroom; thank you for your cooperation. Finally, please note that the November/December Mystery Reader Sign-Up Sheet has been posted on the clipboard by our classroom door.  

What We’re Learning:

This week we will begin our third unit of study: All About Us. We will focus on the following concepts:

1. What makes me important and unique?
2. What feelings do I have and why?
3. What makes my class important and unique?
4. What makes my family important and unique?

By the end of the unit children will understand that:

1. I am unique, there is no one who looks, feels, thinks and acts exactly like I do;
2. I feel different ways at different times for different reasons;
3. I am part of a family and a classroom community;
4. My family is important and unique;
5. My classroom is a community. All of the people in my class are important and unique;
6. I can help make my classroom a fun, safe and exciting place.

This unit focuses on the child recognizing his/her own features, feelings, likes and dislikes; what makes them special and unique and unlike any other child in the world. From there we move on to our classmates and our families and how they are special. We will be looking at ourselves and doing a self-portrait based on what we see in the mirror. We will share our likes and dislikes with our class and share our family story with our classmates. We will learn that each of us is special and unique and that we all have feelings which we must respect in order to learn and play safely. In addition we will review class rules, fire drills, emergency drills, schedules and how we work with our Centers and care for each other’s feelings while we play and learn.

Finally, please help your child practice at home correctly signing their name using both upper and lower cases: initial letter capital, the rest lower case, thank you. Please also practice putting on and taking off coats and jackets; we are learning how to zipper and button and we need to practice at home, too! Please dress your child for the weather as we go outside each day!

Some centers we will work in:
Dramatic Play, Art, Science, Math, Blocks, Sensory, and Transportation.

Vocabulary words for the week include:
Alike/different, first & last names, favorite, individual, interest, portrait, prefer, same, self-portrait, short/tall, special, skill, straight/wavy/curly, similar.

FEP: All About Me doll; due Friday, November 15. Please see attached directions and have fun!

Some Standards: PK.PDH.9 (Physical Dev. & Health): Demonstrates awareness & understanding of safety; PK.PDH.1(Uses senses to assist & guide learning; PK.SED.1:Recognizes self as a unique individual with own abilities, characteristics, feelings & interests; PK.SED.4: Develops positive relationships with peers; PK.SED.5: Develops pro-social problem solving skills; PK.SED.10: actively engages in group reading activities; PK.CLL.1(Reading Standards for Literature): With support, can ask & provide details in a text; PK.CLL.11: with support makes connections between self, text & world around them; PK.AL.1 (Approaches to Learning): Actively & confidently engages in play as a means of exploration & learning; PK.AL.4(Approaches to Learning): Exhibits curiosity, interest & willingness in learning new things & having new experiences.