Pre-K2’s Round-Up for the Week of January 6, 2020!

A Note to Parents:

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break! Thank you so much for your generous and beautiful gifts, I can’t express enough how grateful I am to everyone for their thoughtfulness. In this portion of the year we will be exploring Transportation, Light, Water, Plants, Babies, and Changes! Lots of exciting experiments are coming up as we look into these topics! Plus we will have parties to look forward to, especially our Luau this February! Aloha!

When last we met we were discussing and creating various kinds of homes we can find in New York City, in addition to celebrating the holidays with parties and crafts. This week our dioramas are due and I know the children will be very excited to explain what they created over break; I can’t wait to see them! Since we are learning about where we live, please work with your child to learn their address and phone number, two important pieces of information that each child should learn.

Please note a few important dates:
1. Monday, January 6, 2020 – Welcome back to school! Full day with aftercare available.
2. Friday, January 17, 2020 – Full day of school for Pre-K for All although the rest of the school will be closed;
3. Monday, January 20 – No class, school closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Once in the classroom, please help your child wash their hands before signing in; after sign-in they may play at any of the puzzles or table top toys left out for this purpose. Remember if you wish to provide a substitute meal for your child, this is a nut free classroom therefore no foods with nuts, Nutella, or other nut products may be brought into the classroom; thank you for your cooperation. Finally, I have posted the January/February Mystery Reader Sign-Up Sheet for sign-up; thank you to our many exciting Mystery Readers!

What We’re Learning:

This week we will finish our fourth unit of study: Where We Live. We will focus on the following concepts:
1. Where do I live? Where do my family members live?
2. Where do people and animals live?
3. What types of homes do the people in my city (NYC) live in?
4. How do people and animals make homes?

By the end of the unit children will understand that:
1. Homes are the places where we live;
2. Animals and people have many different types of homes;
3. Some animals live with people;
4. People and animals make homes.

This week we are focusing on how people and animals make their homes; we will talk about drawing plans for a home (people or animal) and creating it from materials in our classroom. We will discuss the use of blueprints, the materials real homes are made from, architects and their jobs and how animals make their homes and the materials they use. We will talk about shapes and how they are used in building our homes. We will continue to discuss how manners show others that we care about them and that kind words and actions are necessary to have a happy classroom. We will learn that each of us is a special and unique member of our class and our family and that we all have feelings which we must respect in order to live, learn and play safely together.

Finally, please help your child practice at home correctly signing their name using both upper and lower cases: initial letter capital, the rest lower case, thank you. Please also practice putting on and taking off coats and jackets; we are learning how to zipper and button and we need to practice at home, too! Please practice storing your mittens/gloves in your hat and your hat in your coat sleeve, this way all our clothes are available in one package for recess. Please check your clothing bins and switch to cold weather clothing for changes, many children still have summer clothes. Please make sure your child has warm outerwear for recess since we go outside for recess every day!

Vocabulary words for the week include: architect, backyard, blueprint, build, bricks, cement, concrete, construction, exit, fire escape, floor plans, glass, metal, shingles, and straw.

FEP: Animal Habitat Diorama. Please help your child pick a favorite animal and create a shoe box diorama of the animal’s habitat. Previously we discussed ocean, woodland, desert, and polar habitats and what animals we would find in each; we also discussed which animals we would find on a farm. Dioramas will be due on Friday, January 10 after we return from break. Please see the online directions. You may bring in your diorama early if it is ready.

On behalf of myself, Mrs. Romanello, Mrs. LaTempa, Mrs. Lutzky, Mrs. Cosgrove, and Mrs. Conlan, I would like to thank all of our families for entrusting your children to our care; each child is a special gift and holds a very special place in our hearts; we are “ohana” (family). I would also like to thank our Mystery Readers and families who have contributed their time and talents to make our class exciting and interesting. We thank you all for your kindness and generosity over this holiday season and we are glad to be back with your children!