Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

May 23, 2018
Dear families,
It is so good to finally see the sun! It seems like we have gone from snow to rain and nothing in between, now I know what it is like to live in Seattle.
Yesterday, we had the championships of our World Cup match between Russia and India. It was a real nail bitter at the end with Russia scoring to get within two (2) goals of India, but time ran out and India won. India not only won the game, but because of the points accumulated, they won the entire contest. Congrats to the members of the team. In addition, Shareve Blair and Adrian Altamar won the “golden boot” for the most goals in the series for a boy and a girl. Thank you to all the people that helped to make this such a great event, certainly part of the fabric of Sacred Heart. Ms. Flynn always goes above and beyond.
The student council is hosting a lemonade stand tomorrow to benefit Camp Sunshine- a camp for children who are blind. Each delicious cup will cost $1.00, please support this very needy cause which is near and dear to our Sacred Heart family.
Msgr. Tom is conducting altar server training Thursday from 2:45-3:45 in the church.
Friday is a half day with after school if needed. It is also the 8th grade volley ball game.
Today our 8th graders took the performance portion of their State Science exam; next week 4th grade will do the same.
Mrs. Waranis is busy preparing for out annual art show and auction. The work that the children id to prepare for the auction is amazing and it can be seen in our library. In addition, we will auction off Physical Ed teacher for a day and some other “surprises”. Come and join us next Wednesday evening.
Right now the official last day of school will be June 22 at 10:30am. If you have any outstanding tuition, please make arrangements to finalize payment before the end of school.
As the weather gets nicer, please remember that the front lawn of the rectory, the rock and the tree are off limits! The rectory is Msgr. Tom’s home and no one wants anyone running across their lawn. Please be mindful where you park, do not block any driveways. I know that parking in difficult, with the construction, but please be considerate.
Remember to take your children to mass on the weekends. When we baptized our children we made a promise to God to raise them in the faith. Celebrate mass together- pray together. Prayer changes everything!