Principal Cooke’s Weekly letter

May 30, 2018
Dear families,

Tonight is our Art Show and Auction; the doors will open at 6:30 for viewing. As you wander through the building tonight you will see all the brilliant and creative work that your child/children have done this year with the support of Mrs. Waranis. Every day something new goes up in the cafeteria or in the halls that the children have done. We are so very grateful to have Mrs. Waranis working with your children. Regarding the auction- there are a few special items for you to bid on such as P/E teacher for the day, Principal for the day, lunch on the lawn, have the gym named after you and lunch with me. The bidding begins at 6:30 and is a silent auction, so you just list your bid and come back to see if you have been outbid, if so you are free to bid again. The class projects are just beautiful, if you have not been in the library to take a look, I hope to see you tonight.
Tomorrow, Thursday is Young Author’s Day. This has been a long-standing tradition at Sacred Heart. The children are proud of the books that they wrote and illustrated and will be reading them to family and friends. Students treasure these books forever. Maybe you even have yours?????
The first grade just finished reading Charlotte’s Web, a story about what it means to be a friend. I am so impressed that they are able to not only read and comprehend the novel, but that they take the message of friendship to heart. Each child was able to take Wilbur home to share with their family, they had to complete a journal page about what Wilbur did with their family. What a great activity for family engagement, not to mention the ELA standards of reading and writing! I had the honor of having Wilbur last weekend (follow him on facebook) and tonight Msgr. Tom has him. I cannot wait to hear about his adventures in the rectory.
Some families still owe service hours; I will be contacting you by the beginning of next week if you are short on hours.
On June 4th the 4th and 8th graders will be taking the NY State test in Science. Today is the lab practical for the 4th grade. They are well prepared and traditionally our students score 95-100% in level 4.
Have a good week; we are really coming to the end at breakneck speed…..