Principal Cooke’s Weekly Letter

September 26, 2018
Dear families,
Mrs. Lyons hosted a meeting for the parents of children who will be making Confirmation last evening and on Monday she hosted one for those preparing for First Communion. If you were not able to attend, please contact Mrs. Lyons so that she can explain the sacramental preparation to you.
216th Street is still a mess and the Con Ed workers and the construction crew are busy working till late in the evening to get the job done. Last week, they came to tell me that there was a problem with the fitting of the pipes and that they job would go longer than they thought. Now, any of us who have done construction in a house know two things to be true:
1. With construction there are always delays
2. When you touch something in an old house it never goes back together easily
When you look at the “big dig”, you can see that it is getting bigger by the day. I am told that the gas pipes, what they are doing now, is the easy part. I heard that the water main (the next phase) will be the doozy. As soon as they start to back-fill the “big dig” I will send out a very excited Parent Alert!
Option C is open for you to view your child’s academic progress. If you have any questions about a grade or a late assignment, please email your child’s teacher. You should have a response within 24 hours. Please do not email the teacher on Saturday and expect that you are going to hear back early Sunday, be conscious of their family time.
I have been asked by the Office of the Superintendent of Schools to adjust our school calendar to be compatible with the calendars of diocesan schools, to that end, the first Friday of every month will be our half day/faculty meeting. So, October 5 will be a half day and Halloween will be a full day of school. October 5th is also our First Friday mass with Benediction. Mass begins at 9am, please try to attend.
This Saturday, September 29, after the 5PM mass the Parish is hosting a wine and cheese reception to celebrate the 140th Anniversary of our Parish. Please try to attend the mass and reception. Let’s continue to “build the bridge” between Church and Academy that Msgr. Tom spoke about at back to School Night.
Our “little birds” program is now underway. It is a gentle separation program for mommies/caregivers and 2 year old. We still have room in our class, call us if you want to join or you know someone who wants to join. There are two sessions September – January and January to June. Our mommy and me runs every Wednesday as well, the class starts at 9am and runs for 90 minutes, it is drop in program so there is no long term commitment.
The pretzels finally came today!!! As you know we are selling individually wrapped chocolate covered pretzel rods covered with candy toppings. One pretzel is $1.00 and the box is $60.00. Please consider selling a box or two to your family and coworkers, they make a yummy snack. Since we only received the cases today we will need to adjust the “incentive program” on our school calendar. We host several fundraisers throughout the year and no one is expected to participate in every one of them, if you did you would be broke. What I am asking is if you would be willing to choose one or two fundraisers that you could do. If every family participated in something we would well exceed our fundraising budget. In addition to pretzels the Prestige books went home this week. We moved this fundraiser up because so many of you wanted the cheesecakes for Thanksgiving. We are also selling the family Entertainment Books.
For children in grades 3-8 we will be starting our Terra Nova testing program October 9-15th. I will write more about that next week. These are not tests that you can ‘study for”, just be sure that your children have a good breakfast, get some good sleep the night before and come to school with two sharpened pencils.
Our Band program will begin on October 10th.
Have a wonderful week, I am hopeful that cooler weather is coming. I have to be mindful of what I wish for, winter is right around the corner. If summer gives us any indication of what winter will be – oh boy!
MaryAnne Cooke