Round-Up for the Week of June 11, 2018

A Note to Parents:

This week, Monday, June 11 is a mandatory Professional Development Day for Pre-K teachers therefore there are No Pre-K Classes on June 11, 2018. Please bring in your Countdowns as soon as possible as we will begin using them this week.  A reminder that our Pre-K Closing Ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 21 at 9:00 AM in Mrs. Wunch’s classroom. Light refreshments will follow in our classroom after the ceremony. Thank you to all those who have taken a leaf off our “Giving Tree” for a small contribution to our Pre K Closing Party on the 21st. Please note that due to the combined size of the two classes, guests are limited to 3 people per student; thank you. For the week of June 18, please note that Monday and Tuesday, June 18 and 19, are full days of school while Wednesday, June 20 is an 11:30 dismissal. Friday, June 22 is the last day of school at Sacred Heart with a 10:30 AM dismissal, NO AFTERSCHOOL FRIDAY, June 20th.

 When you arrive with your child each morning, please pull out any important papers/envelopes which need to be sent to the office from your child’s folder and put them in the paper tray next to the folder bin, thank you! Remind your child to sign–in on the chart paper, then do the Attendance and Feelings charts which are around our rug.  Afterward, children may play with Table top toys, the floor puzzle left out, or the Legos; no other toys except those left out please. Please toilet your child before entering the classroom as our class schedule begins at 8:25 and we must leave to be at our Specials (Music, Gym, etc.) by 8:30; thanks in advance. Please keep in mind that only healthy snacks and drinks, such as cheese sticks, pretzels, fruit, and water bottles, may be sent in for your child. Please note that this is nut-free program, we have several students with allergies to nuts therefore nuts/products with nuts may not be brought to our classroom for substitute meals/snacks; thanks in advance for your understanding.  Please remember to return laundered sheets on Mondays along with a small blanket/soft toy for snuggling.

What We’re Learning:

This week in our final unit on Transformation; we will continue looking at “What changes around me and how do things change?” This week we will look at the states of matter and explore what happens to certain items when left in the sun; what happens when we combine certain items (ex: sugar & water; water and flour, vinegar and baking soda, etc). We will continue to talk about Kindergarten and how it is different/same as Pre-K. The Countdown to Summer was our last Family Engagement project, thank you for all your help with these activities and I hope you enjoyed creating these items with your child. Of course we will also continue writing our names in upper and lower case; please continue to have  your child practice writing their name using upper and lower case letters; please also correct their pencil grip as they practice writing with pencils and coloring with crayons. As I mentioned during Parent-Teacher Conferences, children should be familiar with the basic shapes and should practice drawing these shapes at home, as well as counting from 1 to 10. In class we will continue with our scissor skills, counting skills, dressing and zippering skills as well as learning to pack our backpack, another skill we will need for Kindergarten! Please practice all these skills at home also in order that we are ready for Kindergarten.

Family Engagement Project: My Countdown to Kindergarten/Summer (see online).

Some centers we will continue to work in are:

Dramatic Play, Art, Science, Math, Library, Writing, Blocks, Sand & Water

Some vocabulary words for the week are:

After, bigger, birth, butterfly, camouflage, caterpillar, chrysalis, combine, cocoon, continue, cycle, darker, development, disguise, egg, evaporate, freeze, grow, harder, inches, less, lighter, magnify, more, newer, off, older, purpose, recycle, repurpose, reuse, shrink, smaller, softer, stages

Books we will read this week:

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle


Books: PK.CLL.1 (Reading Standards for Literature): With prompting & support, aske & answer about details in a text; Self Portrait: PK.CKW.4 (Social Studies): Develops understanding of how people and things change over time and how to relate past event to their present and future activities; PK.SED.1: Recognizes self as a unique individual having own abilities, characteristics, feelings, and interests; Color Mixing: PK.ATL.4: Exhibits curiosity, interest & willingness in learning new things and having new experiences; Bridge Challenge: PK.ATL.2: actively engages in problem solving; Straw Shapes: PK.CKW.2 (Geometry): Creates & builds shapes from components; Chameleon: PK.CKW.5 (Science): Observes and describes characteristics of living things. Jello/Melt in the Sun/ Freeze: PK.CKW.6 (Science): Acquires knowledge about the physical properties of the world.