Sacred Heart Is Back to Work!






Dear Parents,

Now that Catholic Schools Week is over we will be going back to normal.  There will be no interruption of Specials or AIS services starting this week. Fire Drills are a priority and with the warmer weather we will be having some this week. 

I am also looking forward to going into the classrooms this week.  I want to see the great things happening in the classroom and the way your children are learning. Ms. Brunkhorst and I will be working together this month to evaluate and perhaps replace some of the books being used in the classroom. We will be checking for publishing dates, and how well they meet curriculum standards. We will also be evaluating the technology and arts programs, hoping to work with our teachers to improve them. All of this will be done with teacher input. 

Thank you again for all your support in making Sacred Heart Catholic Academy a great place for children to grow both spiritually and academically. Without parent support and sacrifice we cannot be the best we are.  Please remember that I am available to meet with you. If you have any concerns please call to make an appointment.Enjoy the wonderful weather. 


Mrs. Conlan