Walk-a-Thon Information!!

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy will host its annual school wide Walk-a-Thon on October 1st.

The Walk-a-Thon is a longstanding tradition at Sacred Heart and is great way to get the kids outside and raise money for the school in a fun and healthy way.

A signed permission slip must be sent in to school with your child in advance of the Walk-a-Thon in order for your child to participate.

The Giving Zone will allow you to sponsor your child or your child’s class. Click Here to reach the sponsor site. 

During the event, every student will attempt at least 10 laps and many do more. We are looking for sponsors for each COMPLETED lap. You can PLEDGE anything from .25 cents to 10 dollars per lap completed or make a one-time DONATION. While no minimum is required to participate, the suggested donation for each family is $25.

This is our first year using an online giving platform which we hope will help us expand our reach to grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, friends, and alums.

Prizes will be awarded to the class that raises the most, to the second place class, to each class that meets its goal, to each child that meets his or her goal, and to the child that raises the most. Prizes will be awarded as follows (updated 9/17/19):

Top raising class: Pizza party

Second place class: Ice cream party

Each class that meets its goal: a homework free night (to be picked by the teacher)

Top raising student: 10 dress downs and two free homework passes

Each student that meets his/her $50 goal: Package of 5 dress downs

Please note that students will be awarded 5 dress downs for each $50 raised, up to a maximum of 10 dress downs.

Standing and other stats will be available on our leaderboard soon.

Please help us reach our goal by sharing your child’s link broadly and widely and via e-mail and social media! Contributions by cash or check can also be sent directly to school and we will add such amounts to the children’s pages for the leaderboard.

In case of rain, please note that the event will be rescheduled to October 8th.