Welcome Back Letter from Mrs. Conlan

Welcome Back!!!

I hope you had a good summer and were able to relax and enjoy the summer weather. I am grateful to have been able to take some time for myself this summer. The teachers, staff and I are looking forward to seeing all of you on September 8th for the first day of school. We will have three half days to start, dismissal will be at 11:30am.  Many of you are new to the school and we welcome you to our Sacred Heart family. This year promises to be very special as we begin to transition into a more normal routine.  

We have a new Board Chair, Mrs. Annmarie McLaughlin. I am very excited to begin working with her.  Many thanks and good wishes to former Chair Mr. Douglas Libby. He will continue on the board as part of the Facilities committee. 

As you know there have been some changes in staffing. Mrs. Kritikos has moved to Grade 1, Ms. Shrinivas will take over the 4th and 5th grade ELA and Social Studies. In Early Childhood, former PK Director, Mrs. Alison Cosgrove will be the SHCA PK 4 teacher and Ms. Alexandra Godden is the new Kindergarten teacher. We will have another 3rd grade teacher. I have a strong candidate in the process of applying and I hope to introduce them to the parents this week. I am still looking for a Junior High Math leave replacement. Unfortunately, there are not many candidates out there for this position. We will have the class covered by a sub until a qualified candidate is found. I know it is disappointing but I will make sure students continue to have instruction.

All specials are back in place as they were post pandemic. Students will be back in regularly scheduled Gym, Art and Music Classes.

Families are required to fill out a health survey in the evening before, or the morning of, each school day. The surveys can be found on the school website. Click on the link below to see your child’s class. At this time temperatures do not have to be taken. https://sacredheartbayside.org/all-grades-health-screening-forms-qr-code-and-links/

Please read the Highlighted items below. Contact me if you have any questions regarding the information below. I will be happy to answer any you may have. 

Stay Well, 

Mrs. Conlan 


School Hours

Morning care will start at 7:30 am students enter on 38th Avenue on Wednesday, September 8th.

Afterschool begins on Monday, September 13th 

As you know there is a NYS requirement for equivalency of instruction. This means that we have to be in compliance in the Length of the School Day: (5.5. hours to 6 hours)

Our day is increased as it had been the previous year. Let me know if you have any questions. 

The school day will begin at 7:50am for Junior High Arrival entrance on 38th Avenue Main doors. 

Nursery 8:20 – 2:20 Half day ends at 11:20 am. The Bridge doors on 217th St.

PK 4  8:30 – 2:30 The Doors on 217th St. past the Playground under the awning.

Grades 1 and 3 on 217th Street by the playground.  3rd grade 8:00am –  1st grade at 8:10am

Grades 4, 5 and 2 Main Entrance (38th) Avenue  4th  and 5th grade  8:00am, 2nd grade 8:10.

Dismissal is at 2:40pm for elementary.  Dismissal is at 3:00pm for Junior High. 

 COVID Protocols 

At this time Sacred Heart is not offering remote instruction. It will only be available in case of a quarantining child or if a cohort has to stay home due to exposure. Children will be wearing masks while in the school building. All classrooms are air conditioned and have large ceiling fans. They worked well last year and we expect that to continue. Key to this is parent cooperation in filling out the daily health survey.

Everyone will be wearing masks inside the building and the Health Surveys will continue for adults and children. any visitors to the building will be required to do a survey.  All adults and children, ages 3 – 13, still have to wear masks. Sanitizing is our greatest priority in maintaining a clean environment for ourselves and the children. Children will be moving throughout the building to Art, Music and Gym. We will also be able to use the library. Junior High will also be changing classes during periods. Students will be distanced by three feet in the classroom wearing masks with all facing the same direction.  Lunch will be in the classrooms until October. 

When walking in the hallway the children are expected to socially distance. We will again  follow the same protocols as last year with hand sanitizing and desk cleaning a constant throughout the day. The bathrooms will also be cleaned many times during the day.

Students will have mask breaks as they did last year. While outside students and staff do not have to wear masks. Please let your child’s teacher know if you wish to have your child wearing a mask outside. 


Mr. Quinn will not be returning this year. Mr. Whelan will be watching the door in the morning and Mrs. Jane Oralis will be at the door in the afternoon for dismissal and early pick up. All the cameras are functioning and Mrs. Kaouris and I can view all the videos from her office and my phone.

The security system that was installed last year allows us to view and record who is at the door. It is constantly monitored from the Main Office. We also have the option to unlock the door when necessary. This is controlled in the office. Three of the main entrance doors have this option. We have also moved to keyless entry for all staff. We are able to record entry at each doorway and have video recorded through many points around the building.  All activity around the building can be viewed at all hours. 


We will continue using Google Classroom throughout the building to share information with parents and students. Each teacher will let you know how they will use Google Classroom for your child. All students will have devices that they can use in the classroom. They will also be learning how to use the keyboard and about Internet safety while on a device.  Grades 4 – 8 should have their own Chromebooks as they begin the new school year. K – 3 will have class devices that they can use. 


This is the new platform for attendance, viewing grades and parent communication. It will replace OptionC. Please have patience with us as we learn the system. You will be receiving credentials shortly so that you can view your child’s grades.  FACTS is also used for Tuition payments by some of you. The credentials for entering the Student System will be different.